Monday, February 28, 2011

Sometimes I don't think I even know you Mr. Hall

Every night, after the wee ones are in bed, Mr. Hall and I sit down to watch a movie. It can be an arduous process. I want certain films that Mr. Hall can't find. Or. I'm in a mood and can't take what he wants to watch. Sometimes I need delicate films, sometimes I needs me some Zombies.

Clicken ze link to see my review of yon PontyPool

Most nights it's a struggle to service my mood.

Then. THEN. Last night Mr. Hall says, "Hey, I got Lil' Fockers. Wanna watch that? "

My jaw dropped.

I thought I knew the man I married.

I thought he knew me!

Was he kidding with this? Was he being ironic? I mean, Meet the Parents and the stupid Focker clan wasn't funny three films ago. At this point, they are just beating a dead unfunny horse until all the flies and goo come flying out of the dead unfunny horse body. Everyone who is involved with Lil' Fockers should hang their head in shame.

But that kind of crap is what passes as a movie lately. It makes millions this crap. And crap like Friends with Benefits. Or Hall Pass or PLEASE MAKE IT STOP WITH THE ASHTON KUTCHER Love and Fricking Other Drugs. It's all pandering garbage. It's all beneath me.

Underneath most movies, for me, there needs to be awesome. A story. Good bad or dull, I want a story. I want characters, I want stuff that they do and say and go through.

So please Mr. Hall, please tell me you were just kidding with the Lil Fockers.

Say it ain't so.

And now, I leave you with my son, the wee Mac. I was unpacking goodies from Target last night and Mac was all like, "Momma what's that?" and I was all like "That's my new eye shadow!" and he was like, "Can I try?" and I was all like, "OK sure!" and then he morphed into the Black Swan while he ate his chicken nuggets.


This is how it's done at the House of Hall!!


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Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

This? Slayed me. Your husband and mine clearly went to the same Oblivion College.

Slyde said...

i keep waiting and waiting for pontypool to show on my netflix.. so far no luck.

and im with you on the fockers...i have never understood the humor of those films.

Mel said...

You are my new best-Zombie flick friend. I hadn't heard of Pontypool but it looks amazing. Just your review got me spooked. Ooooh. Also, the photo of the baby eating kitty bwains, I would have so embedded that in my earlier zombie comment if I were able, it's one of my favorite funnies.

My husband has equally inane taste in movies. He does not enjoy the zombie or alien genre, just mindless action or humor. Like the Fockers, which I cannot watch. Yuk. We are not cut from the same entertainment cloth, he and I. He would not watch the Walking Dead with the kids and me, it just didn't interest him. Go figure.

Anyway, your son is adorable. He used just the right amount of makeup!

Mel said...

It's me again. Pontypool is not on comcast on demand or netflix, but it is at my local Blockbuster. Might have to get in my car.... For the time being sick daughter and I will watch Zombieland...

Mrs. Hall said...

Green Girl: yeah, i think he was just trying to get my goat. i hope so cause jeez!

Slyde and Mel:

Not the worst way to spend 13 dollars

Mel: yeah, Mr. Hall shares me some Zombie love. THE WALKING DEAD IS AWESOME!!! I hope hope hope hope hope he was just being a jokester with the fockers thing. cause otherwise I have some serious thinkin to do :)

Lotus07 said...

In certain states, that eye-shadow thing would be considered child abuse......just sayin

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