Monday, March 21, 2011

Epiphanies during Wii Boxing

First off I must say that the Wii boxing is no joke. It passes my sweat/sore test. It makes me sweat buckets and I'm sore the next day. Any workout that does not do this-- does not count in my book.

That being said, I've never boxed and dang wow, it's really hard. Until this morning.

I had an epiphany. Well. Epiphanies actually.

The power of the punch does not come from the arms. Which is a good thing. I have but wimpy girly arms. The power comes from a transfer of power from the legs, belly and back. Shift the weight just right, twist the side, snap that forward and KAPOW!!

The arm is just the deliverer.

Boxing a lot like yoga. It's mind and body. My doctor said to ease off of yoga and really, I'll never take the advice to ease off exercising again. Because the more I work myself, the more I pull power from my belly core, the more it rises. "It" is frustration and anger and sad and crazy and yuck and ugly snot bubble cry from the inside. Boxing moves the enemy to the outside.

Don't get me wrong. I am smart and let God embrace my pain and yay that's awesome. I have never been more healed.

But the body, it still holds onto the ugly, enemy energies. And my belly grows and my posture sloops and I feel less connected to the world I walk upon.

So I fight back. Not only being thankful for the blessings of such a body, but acting like it.

And now, here's a song that illustrates what the snot bubble ugly cry sounds like when it's coming up and when I'm fighting it.

Yeah. good times indeed!

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Lotus07 said...

What did we ever do without the Wii. I am currently finding my way around "Sports Island".....I get to through a Frisbee AND ride a Segway.

Anonymous said...

Okay, talked me into it. I must get the Wii.

Christine has been singing its praises for awhile now, but we've just PS2'd and Xbox'd.

I did get drunk and win a Wii bowling tourney last year, at some friend's of ours house. I'd never played before, and according to them, I had some kind of whip-it action going that gave me a strike quite often.

Of course, I have no idea what the hell they are talking about.

Snot bubbly cries are a good thing. My valve got stuck on OFF awhile back, but when they finally break through...the cleansing is amazing.

Jab Jab KAPOW! Good to know...

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Just like faith--got to have a solid core and a rock-solid foundation to fight hard!

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