Sunday, March 13, 2011

Zombie Film Contest Winner

The film at the center of the contest:

Alice Jacobs is Dead

The contest was this, write three sentences about why you love Zombie films and Mr. Hall will pick the winner. The winner gets the movie in the mail.

The Entries (in the order in which they were received):

1. Brown from Chronicles of a Brown Man:

"I love zombie movies because they are a mosh pit of human conflict and emotion. Also, they make me wonder if those who pledge that inevitable promise will be able to pull the trigger when the time comes. And, quite frankly, it's the only time other than being stranded in the Andes when eating other people is totally acceptable."

2. Green Girl from Green Girl from Wisconsin:

"They're already dead, so no rules apply to zombies except total annihilation. And they're carnivores, which always makes for better plotting."

3. Slyde from Slyde's House of Pancakes:

"I think the zombie genre scares the hell outta me because the type of fright you get with zombies is unique. They dont jump out at you, or suddenly pounce on you and rip you to bits, or run spring out from under your bed. No, a good zombie film is a slow boil of terror, as the threat slowly gets worse, and closer, ever closer, until the terror-stricken victims realize that they have no where else to turn."

4. Mel from Luna Secrets

"Zombie Movies, how do I love? Let me count the ways..... ever since I was scarred as a child, having seen Night of the Living Dead at the movie theater, and imagined them walking out of the woods or fields at every house I've lived in since - I've been smitten, or bitten with being scared by zombies. I can't pass up a zombie movie, be they awful (C.H.U.D.), frightful (28 days later), hilarious (Shaun of the dead, Zombieland), heartwrenching (Colin) or just plain cheesy (Zombie Honeymoon). The thought of watching a touching, well acted indie zombie movie with Adrienne Barbeau (Escape from New York!!)makes me very, very happy."


So often when a group of people talk about movies they like, they speak of bland, unoriginal fare. It is rare, the Zombie movie goer. So rare!

So thank you for saying it loud and proud!!

And these entries blew away. I had to lean on Mr. Hall to make the choice.

And the winner is:


That's the one Mr. Hall choose. SO BROWN! Email me at Butcher dot hollow at gmail

I will send the film post haste!

But for the rest of you! THANK YOU AND KEEP THE ZOMBIE LOVE ALIVE!!!

6 Left a message at the beep:

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Congrats to your zombie winner:)

Slyde said...

this must have been fixed?

is Brown a member of the undead? or Mr. Hall?

There's gotta be an in SOMEWHERE.....

Brown said...

WOO WEE!!!!! I won? I really won something? That is so freakin awesome! Thank you Mr. & Mrs. Hall! And a special thanks to Green Girl! If only everyone was as gracious as thou art.

Slyde, I awkwardly walk towards you at a moderate, yet persistent pace, with soul-less eyes, and an insatiable appetite for your flesh, until I sink my teeth into your neck, feasting on your muscle and sinew as I hastily drink from the fountain of blood spewing from your carotid artery. Welcome to the team buddy!

Slyde said...


feeling faint....

Mel said...

Congrats, Brown, and very funny bur disturbing comment! Mrs. Hall, the kids and I enjoyed Pontypool this weekend, thanks for the tip! Very interesting concept, very spooky movie.

Mel said...

oops, bur = but. I have zombie fingers this morning!

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