Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Then I accidentally set myself on fire

The photo above is from "Let the right one in". A Swedish vampire film. AWESOME FILM!

Here's a few stories I want to blog about but don't have enough time to:

1. Ya know when a candle is burning and the black smoke comes puffing off the flame? Mr. Hall showed me how to make that stop by taking a tissue and cleaning the wick. So, a few weeks ago, I grab a tissue and um, forgot to extinguish the flame. And accidentally set myself on fire. But it's ok, the fire was out in mere seconds.

2. When I was in grad school, 3 years ago, I was at the library with my laptop. This guy came up, about my age (early 30s) and started asking me about it. I did my best to answer his questions about the features, the doodads and whatnot. Then he kept asking me questions about it. He was pleasant enough so I kept talking, being all chipper. I was really happy with the laptop, it was a gift from Mr. Hall, my husband. And I said, "My husband says it's the best type for what I need." (record scratching sound)

He then promptly excused himself. End of conversation. Turns out, he was hitting on me. huh . . . well . . . .

2. I use to have a shower head like the one above. I LUUURRRRVVED THAT SHOWER HEAD AND THE GLORIOUS HOT SHOWER IT RAINED UPON ME. I love to take redunk showers lasting 120 minutes or more. It's only fair given all I give to humanity. Then. yesterday. for no reason I can discern, it was changed to this:

Mr. Hall says, "Your showerhead was a water waster." Then drops the subject. Which really?? REALLLY??? I mean, he didn't even consult me. And now I'm flummoxed! I can't do anything about it. I don't know how to change the shower head back. SO I'M POWERLESS AND HAVE TO TAKE SHOWERS USING THAT PUNY LITTLE SHOWERHEAD. Puny little 10 minutes showers.

this is no good. I'll need to extract some sort of revenge. Maybe I'll talk about how Mr. Hall had to give a sperm sample. He's sworn me to secrecy. But he doesn't understand the mind of a blogger. We tell our stories. It's really unstoppable.


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the queen said...

But wait - we know his sperm worked before ... right?

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Ha! A computer dude making the MOVES on you! How flattering, no?
Yeah--tissue is highly flammable. D'oh!

Anonymous said...

MrH is great. So the cycle of revenge begins... No crying!

Mrs. Hall said...

queen: yeah, perfectly awesome masculine super sperm. it was just part of a normal work up. and again, his work up showed super sperm. with capes and everything.

GG: totally! flammable.

MrH/Anon: ok jeez! easy on the pinches sweetie!

Lotus07 said...

"I love to take redunk showers lasting 120 minutes or more. It's only fair given all I give to humanity."

I love this line......tell Mr. Hall to change back the head, or humanity is in for a rude shock.

Mrs. Hall said...

he won't. i tried. and I HAZ A SAD!

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