Saturday, March 26, 2011

The advantages are endless

We made a deal with the kids: When they wake up, if they're very quiet, they can pour themselves a bowl of frosted mini wheats and enjoy. BUT! If they wake us up, clamoring around--they'll only have oatmeal for breakfast. NO BROWN SUGAR EITHER!!

It's a simple yet brilliant plan. With an unexpected side effect.

As Mr. Hall and I lounge in bed, savoring the extra hour of sleep, we hear them. They quietly chatter away. Playing and pretending. Being soft and full of crazy imagination. Acting out Star Wars, pretending they're dragons or super mario characters.

It's just delightful this new morning routine. The advantages are endless.

And the tiny little kid voices, all bouncing round the room, that's the best part!


1 Left a message at the beep:

Lotus07 said...

you have stooped to a new low....bribing your children with sugar......oww, the shame.

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