Tuesday, June 30, 2009

This is why I am married, right here

I was on the phone with Mr. Hall, telling him all about my recent yoga class.

A group of women from the class, plus the instructor, were talking about their recent trip to Costa Rica. It was a Yoga Retreat. I've heard about these events before, usually a group of Yogi (person(s) who practices yoga) go to some exotic locale, like Costa Rica. They all stay a resort, have specialized yoga instruction for a week, eat all native and delicious foods. Generally, on these retreats, Yogis have themselves a fabulous time doing what we love and practicing yoga.

One of the women talked about what it felt like to be responsible only to herself. She has four kids. I could sympathize with her. To say the least.

It didn't sound very expensive either.

These resorts are not four star type resorts. They are yoga studios with rooms to bunk and a kitchen. Not really posh, just streamlined. And really, the simplicity of the studios are meant to contrast with the Costa Rican surroundings. To contrast with the work being done by the Yogis. The fancy stuff goes on on the inside. It all sounded very surreal and dreamlike, listening to them.

"You should go to one of those babe." Says Mr. Hall.

"Oh, I don't know, I mean, if I was going to go to Costa Rica I would want you and the kids to come. Well, maybe leave the kids behind, but I mean, I would want you there." Says I.

"yeah, but really, if I was there, we would be focused on each other. And Yoga is your time, to focus on yourself. I bet you could get a lot of done there. It would be cool I think. And don't worry about me and the kids, you know we'll be just fine. Is there a trip coming up?" Says He.

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Cam said...

SCORE! That is awesome, Mrs!

I've read about those retreats before, and I hope that I make it to one someday!

Good luck! Strike a pose!!

Mrs. Holly Hall said...


James said...

Yeah you should definitely do it. Have some you time and come back all bendy into the bargain.

Mrs. Holly Hall said...

James: Well, that's two votes! :)

Kumi said...

Wow, your blog inspired me. Thank you. Will be featuring youron mine. :D For all the love... which I still believe in.


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