Tuesday, June 23, 2009

If I was not me, I would be . . .

A Roller Derby Doll. I actually looked into joining one of these teams. Turns out they practice 3-4 nights a week, 2-3 hours at a time. Right during bed/bath/story time. Then there are those games on the weekends. Weekends are for zoos and cotton candy. Alas, this will have to wait . . . .

Cirque De Soliel anyone?

Why stop there? Why not Vegas Showgirl!!!

I could be her. A lead singer in a band. A country band. Her song was cheering me the fuck up on Monday.

Her job looks like fun!

Their music was feeding me all sorts of positive love this music. But being in a band, well, it requires endless touring.

Which takes away from this.

Not even a contest people. Hands down best way to spend a life is right there.

That being said, let's hear the song that cheered me up on Monday.

Oh and I guess to be in a band and to be that woman- I would need one more thing.



OH YEAH, one more thing


THIS right here's a meme!


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Holly said...

Seems only fair since I generally "let go laughing," when I come here to see what the heck you're up to...

As to the meme...you're on...I'll be posting it tomorrow because you asked so very nice.

And, let me just say, I think you ended up with the best choice of who/what to be, Senora. Hell, I'd wannabee you ifn I wasn't me already.

So, here's to passive aggressive women and all the joy they can bring to a day...you know what I mean! Sing it with me now!

Mrs. Holly Hall said...


:) singing away . . . .

Cam said...

Hadn't heard this one before! It rocks, or countries...whatever!

I do loves me some Sugarland!!!


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