Friday, June 5, 2009

Tell me a secret, I'll tell you a secret!

So, on the first Friday of every month there is a 'clinic wide meeting.' It is us mental health folks and primary care folks. We discuss things like what kind of soap we can put in bathroom. Or what kind coffee creamer we can use, who should be cleaning it. GAAAHH!!!! FOR TWO HOURS THIS CRAP!!! Yes, it is the type of meeting where I just want to grab a letter opener and stab it repeatedly in my left thigh-just to stop the pain. But today the meeting was cancelled.

NOW. Now, I have five hours this afternoon to do whatever I please here. NO patients to see because the clinic closes down for the meetings. I am all caught up with busy work.



For every secret you leave in the comments, I leave one back!

I'll start-

In fact I started two days ago. I left a voice message over at Slyde's blog. That's right, He has a widget in the upper right corner- under the words "tell me how much you love me". I am the voice that called in June 3rd at ~ 10.00 pm. I told a big family type secret. So give a listen and be thrilled and shocked. And hear the voice of Mrs. Hall once in for all. Pay special attention to the common phrases I use such as "and so" and "things of that nature." All local colloquialisms. but shhh . . the secret involves family and family reads this so ssshhhh!


Make it good and fun. Fun and wonderful secrets, like something you stole, something you broke, something you lied about, and you don't have to give your name either!!!


I'm now leaving work-but keep the secrets coming!!! :)

going going GONE!!!!

7 Left a message at the beep:

Ole Blue The Heretic said...

It is good to have a break from work. I am on my first Friday off on our summer schedule. I should be out somewhere.

Ookami Snow said...

Once when I went to visit my friend when I was in 1st grade he wasn't home and so I took his toy car off of the front porch. I did it because I had caught him stealing my baseball cards before.

That is the only thing that I have ever stolen from somebody.

That car is still one of my favorite toy cars that I have.

Holly said...

Confession good for the soul? I'll have to think of something then, I want my soul to be good...

Mrs. Holly Hall said...

Ole Blue: well, now, see, THATS NOT A SECRET cause you already wrote it on your blog. Try again please.

Snow: Well hey there! Long time now, um, comment. Well, i use to have a problem with stealing. Shoplifted a lot in my teens. Then, one night a resturant, I attempted to take a lightbulb from one of the mirrors. I then realized I had myself a problem and STOPPED. seriously though, I gets the itch now and again . . . :)

and YOU, revenge stealing! way too go! :)

Holly: ok anytime yer ready. . . .

B.E. Earl said...

Yeah, right.

Like I would tell you one of my secrets. You would tell Slyde and then Slyde would tell everyone.

No thanks, missy! ;)

Mrs. Holly Hall said...

Old bastards really don't have any secrets or wild stories to tell anyway. what with the arthritic hips and all, they don't get out much.

jeez. that was kind of harsh. feeling punchy today. but. lets do this.

fess up EARL! I know you got something to tell!

Slyde said...

I meant to tell you all week thanks for leaving me another great voice comment! im not deleting this one.....

a secret? hmmmm... i dont really hide much at all...

been sitting here for 5 minutes now and i honestly cant come up with anything worth un-secretizing... i'll have to think on it..

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