Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A mini return of Potter's Ground Game

Not a rememberer of the Potter's Ground?

Well, you must be new. Welcome!

The first video is for fun. And just because I am a happily married hottie doesn't mean i can't appreciate a song about being dumped.

"I kind of always knew
I'd end up as your ex girlfriend
I hope I hold a special place
with the rest of them."

good stuff Gwen, good stuff.
Especially since this song was written about her husband.

Лучшее видео на yashik.tv - No Doubt - Ex-Girlfriend

SO answer me this-Which children's show does this next video reference via the visuals and what is your favorite kid's show?

The more you share, the more you score!

Лучшее видео на yashik.tv - No Doubt ft. Bounty Killer ...

place nice!

we shall see how this goes, maybe there will be a full on return of the Potter's Ground! :)

8 Left a message at the beep:

Anonymous said...

Удар российских участков снова ха?

Wil Harrison.com

Mrs. Holly Hall said...

"The impact of Russian sites again ha" via the google translator.

really, that's all you got?

James said...

Dunno didn't ring any bells re the visuals, must be an American show you are thinking of?
My favourite show as a kid was Blue Peter.
Do I get any extra points for sharing that I kicked a hedgehog once but it was an accident?

Mrs. Holly Hall said...

You would have to convince me it was an accident James.

Then we'll see . . .. . .

James said...

OK I will do a post on my blog about it tomorrow. I still think about it...

James said...

Hedgehog post is up!

Mrs. Holly Hall said...

5 for the story

10 for feeling so guilty you didn't want to tell your mom or brother!


James said...

I am winning, I am winning!

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