Friday, June 19, 2009

Making omelettes and plotting my revenge

Making omelette's and planning the day. What you want on yours? We've got crusty french bread and strawberry jam too.

Today we are going to look at a house I absolutely love. At least from the photos I've seen so far. This house might be for keeps. The other houses we looked at were just practice.

I am quietly becoming excited, painting and decorating in my head. Picking out the kids' rooms. Making the space my own.

Reclaiming this life, rebuilding my power, if only in my head.

Then I hear a tiny voice of doubt, a tiny little voice that says, but wait, no, not yet. Don’t get your hopes up yet, too early, be cautious with your hope . . . .

To which I reply.

In the most polite way.

Fuck off. I’m dreaming here.

And let me and my sisters release all this trapped anger and frustration. This feeling of a caged wolf pacing back and forth, staring down the outside. Plotting her revenge. Let our voices rise higher and higher as we fly up, fueled by the freedom.

In front of the red stair case of course.

FYI-shut down the advert in the beginning to truly enjoy the show :)

By the way, those women beside her, they really are the singer's sisters. They did back up vocals for the song.

Which adds the beauty of it all.

Have a bountiful Saturday everyone and take care of yourselves.

4 Left a message at the beep:

B.E. Earl said...

Best omelet I ever had?

New Orleans. Andouille sausage, cheese and peppers covered with a delicious shrimp etouffe.

I might kill someone to experience that again. It was THAT good!

Holly said...

Best one? Is anyone that someone makes for me and says, "Here you go,enjoy!"

Senora I am hoping for you, right along with you! Go, tell that house you love it if that's how it feels.

I know that house is going to love you right back. Because that's how it feels.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I would def spank her. She is also very popular with the lesbian set, LOL. 4 sisters huh? Man, that sounds like quite the party. You always pair 'em up in your mind...


Mrs. Holly Hall said...

B.E. Earl: Yes, that sounds devine!! I tell you what, I'll drive the get away car! :)

Holly: Yes, there will be a lot of love sharing today!

Will: Well, thanks for stopping by Will and bringing a certain male perspective. And I totally understand why she is popular with the lesbian set I mean, look at her! But, I would only lezz out for one woman- Salma Hayek!


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