Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Fellow bloggers show up my dream, and I want to know why!!!

Ok look. I've written about my dreams that have been triggered by Earl and or his blog before. CLICK HERE

Then there was last night.

Earl, the man, was in my dream last night. Not content from his blog. Not the blinky man or the green man avatar, but Earl. In the flesh. Or, at least, what I thought Earl might look like. I've never met Earl and don't know his real name. He lives on the other side of the country from me. But it was unmistakable Earl.

The dream:

I was back in college, a few weeks from graduating. I lived in the dorms with Earl, we shared a room. I came home late at night, all giggly from a date with Mr. Hall. Mr. Hall being there, in the background, can only mean one thing. (I'll get to that later.)

But, I had come home late at night. I usually don't see Earl much, despite living in the same dorm room. We have a good arrangement as roommates. We were just friends people, get your mind out of the gutter!

I tell Earl I like living with guys better, in the dorm. This holds true in my real life. I like working with guys more than I like working with women because guys are more straight forward and easy to read. There is a directness to men that appeals to me.

This directness was demonstrated by Earl when he took his sweatshirt off. He did it the way guys take off sweatshirts. He raised his arms, grabbed the back of the sweatshirt and pulled it up and over his head while bending slightly forward. Classic guy maneuver.Also see, the guy nod during an official greeting. And muttering the words, 'Sup' while performing the head nod.

Women are more dainty (we slip our arms out- then carefully lift it over our head-we don't want to mess up our hair!!) We also tilt our head, smile and say "Hi, how are you" while greeting others. Our voice goes up too.


And yes, he was wearing a tshirt! Pervs!

So-yes, good living arrangement. And really, at this point, I am 3 weeks away from graduating. Earl and I laughing and discussing our future graduation plans. He talks about Gia, his girlfriend. I talk about Mr. Hall. BUT!!!!

At the same time- I appear to be texting or sending some photos of myself to another guy. They are regular photos-no nudie shots (goddamn some of you people are naughty monkeys!) But, photos like in the last post. I am sending them to a guy Earl knows. I can only assume this is Slyde.


Because dammit now HE IS GETTING IN ON MY DREAM ACTION. And honestly, I really think it is Slyde because of the way Earl talks about him. In real life they have this long hetero-life mate thing going on.

BUT here's the thing. If Mr. Hall has a presence in any dream where I am making contact with other guys . . . Well that only means one thing.

This is where I am stopping now. And I tell you this. I am not sure why Earl or his blog content keeps showing up. I do not know him and honestly, I have no idea here. I think he is a symbol, an image I can project things onto.

He appears to be a decent guy, no ill intent towards others. I enjoy his blog too. He has been a blogger that has helped me figure out blogger things (embedding video, figuring out stats). He also provides balance in my blog reading. And balance here in a way. After all, other bloggers influence each other. Like other music artists influence each other. Thank you by the way Earl.

But, his blog doesn't trigger any deep thoughts (most of the time) or evoke any deep emotions (like some other blogs do). I mean, his blog is more relaxing than anything. Funny and witty. These are not things that should be triggering deep thoughts or influencing my dreams.


so, YOU-you reader, follower, subscriber and/or lurker, YOU tell me!

Why does Earl keep showing up?

Why Slyde?

And what does the Mr. Hall's presence signify?

Ok GO!

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Heff said...

Earl and Slyde are performing some sort of Vulcan Mind-meld on you. Expect Mr. Sulu's penis to enter the dream next time !

Mrs. Holly Hall said...

AND slyde has seen SULU's penis! At a comic book convention. Really, he did a post on it.



tee hee hee

B.E. Earl said...

My dream modification software appears to be working.

This is the first part of my 5-step plan to rule the world!


But seriously, something must be wrong with you because even I have never dreamed about Slyde. ;)

Joanna Jenkins said...

Good lord, girl, what are your eating/drinking/smoking/inhaling before you go to bed :-)

the queen said...

I know a dream analyst (she's even paid for it) and she uses a trick: Pick one word to define Earl. Earl: but in one word. Pick that word. And that's what your dream's about. I had that I lost Gary, and she said to define Gary in one word. It was laughter, and after I realized that the dream was all about the new dress code at work.

Holly said...

Okay, I got it...Earl is the calm, unsnarky side of you...that's what Earl is...

Slyde said...

i'm pretty sure that you just called Earl's blog frivolous and stupid...

i concur.

and cmon... you KNOW why you were dreaming about ME...

you KNOW......

Mrs. Holly Hall said...

Earl: If you are planning to take over the world, well, the wee Mrs. Hall blog is the wrong place to start. You should target a bigger audience, like Zibbs. :)

Joanna Jenkins: Yeah, really, these dreams, they don't happen after any sort of anything . . . which makes it all the more perplexing.

Queen: SOMEBODY GETS PAID FOR DREAM INTERPRETATION! Heck, I've been doing that for free for fellow bloggers for quite some time.

I've been missing out on some cash! DANG! And I tell you this, my interpretation would be more accurate than the dream analyst!!

Holly: That's a good theory. But I have a separate one. I think I pretty much know what the meaning is, all because of Mr. Hall showing up . . .

Slyde: Shhhhhh!!! Hush now, we don't want everyone to know ;)

Holly said...


Mrs. Holly Hall said...

Holly: Yeah, it's gonna take a group concensus here-me posting the meaning behind the dream.

Because really, i wrote a post about the meaning (it's two pages-word document).

long and really lacks the emotional punch. It like my posts to be more pungent. So, I'll do a survey of how many people want to hear.

so far-you make one

we'll seee . . .

Bruce said...

Gawd, I was reading that with white knuckles, afraid that I was going to pop up in that dream....thank goodness I didn't, because that means you don't consider me GAY. You obviously consider Slyde and Earl gay, that is why they are in your dream, they are non-threatening males.....

Tony said...

Earl and Slyde are pickin' up my slack and filling in for me as my dream stand ins. They work for cheap and it allows me to get a little more rest from roaming other peeps dream time and still wake up all refreshed and tingly to do more good works for all of man (and woman) kind.

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