Friday, June 19, 2009

Odd and innapropriate thoughts and those pesky pet peas (MR. HALL, HE SPEAKS!)

Odds and ends of interest from my busy brain-

Layed out of your amusement!

1. Soo--sleepy this morning. Had intense dreams. Monthly meeting canceled. Four hours to kill because they close the clinic because of the monthly meeting. All happy sleepy though, cute sleepy.

2. Hey look! Over there on the right! New picture in my profile! Whaddya think?

3. The campaign to turn my son gay continues thought:

Actually, it's my daughter's fault this time. She has some ballet costumes and enjoys dressing up like a 'princess'. Naturally, she wants to dress her brother up like a princess. He's kind of like a pet to her sometimes. I mean, that's what little brothers are for right? Being a pet/dress up doll?

Anywho- last night---it went down like this:

"MAC!", she says, "Wanna be a princess!!??!!" And he gets all excited cause he loves his sister. "YES!!" He squeaks. She puts one of her ballet skirts on him. He twirls around and says, "imma princess!" All smiles. They go to bed all happy and lovey.


I was rubbing his fleshy playdough feet, tickling the back of his legs, watching cute cherub mouth- all twitchy with REM sleep. One tickle too many and he curled up like a roly poly bug, all smiles. Then, as I was changing his diaper, taking off his jammie shorts, he gets all stiff, grabbing the hem of the skirt, "NOOO!! My princess skirt!!"

So I let him wear it to school.

Don't worry, I paired it with a very butch outfit. Like this one.

Actually no, just a long basketball jersey and big baggy shorts. The ballet skirt was just peaking out underneath the Jersey. :)

One of the best parts of being a parent is letting it just flow. Ballet skirts and all :)

4. Intense dream and somewhat naughty thoughts from this morning:

While I was pressing my snooze alarm for the fifth time, I half dreamed that I was explaining how my snooze alarm works to the gay man sleeping in my bed. It was a fag hag half dream. Which made NO DAMN SENSE TO ME when I tried to figure it out later, while making my coffee. THEN... THEN .... I was flooded with images from my dream prior to the fag hag half dream. It was a very sensual dream starring my husband..... I was flooded with absolutely inappropriate images of hands, thighs, smooth tummy, curve of tush, boobie swell, bicep flexing and small of back images of my sweaty smiling husband and I- all while I was in the kitchen, making coffee, stirring in the skim milk... Flashbacks powered through me like a train. Knocked the wind out of me. But, I took a deep breath and pulled it together. (hee hee hee). Then I made oatmeal for the kids. Sprinkled a bit of brown sugar and raisins on top.

5. Speaking of Mr. Hall, here is the real story of the pet peas expression. It is a bit of an inside joke between Mr. Hall and I-this expression. It comes for a story he told me about a former supervisor.

Here's how I remember the story:

OK, so-the pet pea expression comes from a former boss who was annoying and/or mean. And he was a bit dumb and always screwed up common expressions like "pet pea" instead of "pet peeve?" So the workers got revenge one day. They put an industrial size can of peas on this desk and labled it "Pet Peas".

Much to my shock, I am TOTALLY WRONG HERE.

Here is the real story by Mr. Hall, MR. HALL, HE SPEAKS!!

"So the story is that a former supervisor of mine had a can of peas that someone relabeled “pet peas” for him. He was a good guy and is missed. But he was from North Dakota and was known for his malapropisms. There is a list somewhere, as one guy was tracking them. Evidently, he was yelling at the guys at some point and told them that one of his pet peas was blah blah- something they did wrong. They just laughed at him and he left the room. So no, he was not dumb. Just from the country."


I mean JEBUS! Totally didn't remember that one right!

Ah well, doesn't really matter because well, did ya read number four? All sorts of crazy love between us ;)


What kind of crazy thoughts are you having today?

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Holly said...

LOLLLLLL I love that skirt I want that skirt. I want a mother who would let me wear that skirt to school, be I a boy or a gurl.

I love coming here.

Mrs. Holly Hall said...

Yeah, he's only two, so really, all sorts of cute :)


Ole Blue The Heretic said...

Please let me send the boy a Dallas Cowboy jersey and a picture of the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders.

Mrs. Holly Hall said...

Blue: Let me see a photo of you first-a real one so I can see your face!

Then, by all means . . . :)

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