Saturday, June 27, 2009

Speaking of Jamaica

You people have no idea how much I've wanted to put some of Sean Paul's music here.

But it's embarrassing in video form. I mean, Sean Paul is not a thug but a college educated and very well spoken man. He uses terms like "brain drain" in his interviews. And he can't really dance. And his videos are extremely low budget. it's embarrassing.

that being said.

"Everyday, we be burnin'
not concernin'
what nobody wanna say"

Is part of the chorus and it is very soothing when I listen to it on the ipod.

Oh, just close your eyes and listen.

Or open them, there's hot chicks in the video :)

But take note, this post will directly relate to the next post.

This is a warm up. :)

Poor is the person
whose pleasure depends
on the permission of others.

word up Sean Paul, word up.

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