Thursday, May 14, 2009

Weird dream caused by other blogger's post about naked Parisian models

I had a very weird dream that was caused by Earl's post on naked women from Paris. Naked Parisian models who walk down the street no less! On video no less!

Go on, go see for yourself :) (click here for nekkid Parisian models walking)

This is the second dream that has been caused by an Earl post.

Here's the dream:

I was traveling with the show "America's next top model". I was one of the crew members versus a contestant.

Jerry Hall was there, sitting in a hotel meeting room. She was eating pancakes at a long banquet table. There was a white polyester table cloth that draped to the floor. It had pleats.

This is Jerry Hall and her long blond hair. She appears to be enjoying the blue couch, no?

She had taken off her hat and placed it to the side of her plate. This revealed something very interesting about Ms. Hall. See all that long blond hair up there, the hair she is famous for? Turns out, it's just a wig attached to the inside of her hat. She was bald, with small baby fine whispers of hair. Her hat? I believe the hat was a pill box hat. Hmm . . yes, most definitely, a dark pill box hat.

That hat above is a variation of a the 'pill box' hat. A traditional pill box hat is a style that was made famous by Jackie Kennedy.

But, this photo, much more fun than a Jackie Kennedy photo, yes? tee hee :)

There was an irritating director or producer in the room. I couldn't see him but he was making fun of Jerry Hall, calling her out for being neglectful Mom. He did this in a sing song type way. Again, irritating. Jerry Hall looked up, but not at the man or me, just straight ahead, with a blank expression. And with no emotion, she got up, flipped her plate, (pancakes and all), onto the table. Then, she poured all the syrup over the mess. The syrup was honey colored. It was a sugar free or lite syrup. She was throwing a snit fit, but in very slow and surgical manner.

I went over and helped her dump out the last of the syrup. We went upstairs. On the way up, I told a person at the front desk that we (the show) would help cover any cost her snit fit caused.


Much later in the dream I was seated on a carpeted floor in another meeting room. We all sat 'Indian style' or what it is called nowadays at my daughter's school- 'criss cross applesauce'. There were about 30-40 of us (some girls from the show, some crew) all sitting in bunch. We were watching the models on a slightly raised platform, doing some sort of competition. Unsure if they were nekkid. Or from Paris.


I was sitting next to Brian Williams. YES- Brian Williams of some nightly television news show. I was talking to him very quietly (so I wouldn't interrupt the competition.) And then


well, I was very um, well, and then

I hauled off and kissed him. It was a very passionate kiss.

This man in no way, shape or form, gets my motor running. At least my conscious motor. Apparently, my subconscious motor is all over that sweet hunk o man!

and then well, more kissing but not much besides kissing. I really did enjoy the kissing btw and then I woke up.


Jerry Hall and Brian Williams? Who? What? I don't watch the evening news and have no interest in Jerry Hall, who is an older model, not of my generation. No idea who these people are or what they even might represent.

So, what do you think? Give it some time if you want. Meanwhile, enjoy this photo.

Because hells yeah, this photo is effing awesome.

And guess who the man sitting next to the hot babe on the right is. (no, it's not Mr. Hall)
Have a good weekend :)

The lighting in front of the fireplace absolutely blew monkey butt, but I did the best I could to lighten it up for all to enjoy. :)

13 Left a message at the beep:

B.E. Earl said...

At least my posts are causing nightmares. Or was this a nightmare? Hmmm.

B.E. Earl said...

Meant to say "aren't causing nightmares", of course.

Mrs. Holly Hall said...

No, not a nightmare just wierd, I mean,

With much purpose and intent I started making out with Brian Williams!

so wierd!!! :)

Big Pissy said...

In my opinion Jerry Hall is much more random than Brian Williams.

At least Brian Williams is on T.V. everyday.

When was the last time anyone saw or heard anything about Jerry Hall?


Mrs. Holly Hall said...

Pissy: Yeah, no idea. But maybe there is something about jerry and i sharing the same last name.

and i have gone on and on about my hair lately. huh?

Joanna Jenkins said...

Wow, that is one serious dream! The Jerry Hall/Brian Williams combo could send Dr. Freud into a tizzy though :-)
LOVE your blog! The pics are fabulous and so is your writing.
more please!

Mrs. Holly Hall said...

Ms. Jenkins: Thanks for the compliments :) Glad you enjoyed your stay at La blog de senora Hall, please come again :)

and yes, there will be more :)

Bruce said...

I am thinking the concept of Jerry Hall is one of falsehoods and missreprensentations. She is supposed to be beautiful, but in fact here pancake eating fake hair shows her to be something totally different. This may have to do with your disdain for your others in your life that have the facade of normalcy but in fact are not what they appear (your parents perhaps?).

Brian Williams (one hunk-a-licious anchor dude) has to do with lust for power. Media types, expeically those that appear to be knowledgable (but in fact just have a big vocabulary and know how to read a teleprompter) exude strength and charisma on the female masses, your desire to be with powerful and articulate father figure led you to kiss him. Makes perfect sense to me.

(I think the dude in the picture is your brother...isn't he out on probabtion now-a-days????)

Slyde said...

dont you realize that posts like this just pump up Earl's ego?

the only way i can keep him in line is by constantly telling him he sucks...

Mrs. Holly Hall said...

I think you are right Bruce-

sort of.

I do think Jerry Hall is about falsehoods. But it is me being false. I am Jerry Hall in the dream (what with the same last name and beautiful hair).

My parents are the director in the room- criticizing my parenting, my ability to be a mom. Doing this in a sing song or childish way. They are like children in a lot of ways in real life. And in my real life, I sit there silent, being false in my non reaction to it all.

But silently I am having a snit fit about it. I acknowledge what is going on inside me. I seek ways to be healthy instead of just eating my feelings. :)

I can't display the anger and chaos it makes me feel, or having a loud snit fit, because this makes things worse.

So i endure this house, that is not my own, the taunts, the ugly. I display a false affect, false hair, false expression. Because this is keeping the peace. And the peace is of benefit in real life.

And yes, this is powerlessness. And seeking power via Brian Williams makes sense.

Sad i had to use sexual prowess to gain power, but, meh.

I can say in real life I am about to leave this house not my own. And this false affect, it will only be used when necessary and cease to be my everyday reality.

ok good discussion . . . :)

Mrs. Holly Hall said...

Slyde: we all have our roles in the care of Earl. Glad to see you are doing your part.


Michelle said...

Hi Holly
I just wanted to say hi and tell you I love your new blog look which means I haven't been to your blog in a while but I will now. :O)

You can come visit me too!!!

Love that photo!! What is that tatt I see on your arm there??

Mrs. Holly Hall said...

Hi Michelle:

Yeah, i notice that as i find more blogs i take breaks now and again from viewing certain blogs.

good english no?

so, yeah, read as little or as much as you like. it's all free and all good :)

and it's a temporary tattoo really, the kind you get out of a cracker jack box ;)

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