Sunday, April 3, 2011

Long weekends

These weekends, when Mr. Hall has guard, they are long. It's a matter of context I think. I mean, he's done two tours in Iraq. He does two weeks now and again. All of that I'm mostly fine with. Well, they suck but at least I have work and household tasks to keep me busy. Keeping busy keeps me from missing him so much. But these weekends when he's gone for a day and half, these are the longest.

I get the full bed to myself. I get the full driveway too. I have everybody ready for church a full half hour before we have to go. Noone is putzing or delaying us.

These weekends are just long that's all.

So I'll listen to this and perk up my mood. Because these weekends are numbered. Oh sweet glory day . . . these weekends are numbered.

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Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

It's funny to read this--things run smoother when Mr. D's not around. PLUS I get total control of the remote!

Mrs. Hall said...

i don't know if things run smoother or better. i know i run differently. single mom hood sucks, even if it's fake and temporary! :)

Lotus07 said...

Instead of my weekends being numbered, my weeks are numbers. Only another 170 left till retirement....170 baby.....170!!!!

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