Thursday, April 7, 2011

The other JC in my life

Two stories:

1. A patient of mine reached in his pocket today and produced two teeth. He had a tooth abscess and doesn't have dental insurance. So he tied floss around the tooth, then tied the other end to a pipe. While sitting in a chair he grabbed the pipe with both hands and yanked. Pulled it right out. Abscess fixed. It was weird though. Why bring it to me? Thankfully it wasn't a gift. :)

2. You know that game, light as a feather, stiff as a board? After a long hot yoga class I was laying in the corpse pose praying to God. I would pray and say, "Lord, hear my prayer, take all my worries from me. Take all my worries and burdens. I give to you, Lift me up." I kept repeating this, each time it would get shorter till I kept repeating, "Jesus hear my prayer, lift me." And wow. I felt lifted from my mat, ... almost levitating. He has such power. I will never stopped being awed by Him.

So, that was just a slice of my week. And now, let's here from the other JC in my life.

Have a good weekend all.

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B.E. Earl said...

I've got three or four Johnny Cash songs that I can decide between. Which one is my favorite, I mean. This is one of them. Brilliant.

Mrs. Hall said...


Lotus07 said...

Your week was a bit more intereting that mine. I envoked JC name several times, but that is about it.

Mrs. Hall said...

my work week was more interesting that even that up there. which is no good. when crazy flares up it's never a good thing.


ok. weeekend here i comes!

Pearl said...

Johnny Cash AND yoga?! Love it!


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