Wednesday, April 13, 2011

First, I raised my hand

Raising your hands is funny concept. I mean, we are taught as little kids to raise our hands to be called on versus blurting out an answer. We raise our hands when the magician asks for a volunteer. We raise our hands to hail cabs or to flag down a friend while we wait for him in a crowd. All kids raise their hands to be picked up by their Mommies and Daddies. It's pretty cool signal.

It's a way to reach out, to get attention and be singled out.

I was thinking about this as I was singing in church. When we sing, some people raise their hands high. I never knew why until I asked somebody. Little did I know-raising of the hands is all over the bible. It's a sign of worship.

This church I go to, it's different than any church I've ever been to. They have a band, complete with guitars, drums and singers that blow me away. When I sing I get all choked up, moved by the spirit. Mr. Hall and I have started to really let loose and sing louder. It's hard not to feel self conscious at first, with all this singing. But the spirit takes over. After a while I find myself forgetting to feel like people are watching me. Then I reach for Mr. Hall and we hold hands.

It's a pretty incredible sight though, watching people throw their hands up. Singing all joyous with their eyes closed. I feel Mr. Hall and I will get there. Holding our hands high in church.

I've already started practicing. But for completely unexpected reasons. I throw my hands up in elevators, in the living room of our home, at work, in the bathroom, even in the car. I am praying and praising pretty much constantly these days. This is the first step.

The next is settling down and feeling God's love. Letting my prayers be answered. So that's my next step. Slowing down after the prayers. Being still and knowing.

And so it shall be :)

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Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

at my church about 1/3 of the people raise hands. I'm not one of them. But I do sing loud. I don't know if I'll ever raise my hands..

Mrs. Hall said...

yeah, at this point, it's becoming more normal in my mind-this raising of the hands- and once that is normalized the actions will be sure to follow.


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