Friday, April 22, 2011

Someday maybe today

Someday, it'll be warm and springy. But today, it's a cold, damp day that chills me to the bone.

Someday, I'll travel around the world with Mr. Hall. Becoming touristas in the best possible way. But today, we'll be going two hours south, to my SIL's wee farm. It will still be chilly.

Someday, I'll think about dumping my high powered OB GYN doctor, who talks a mile an hour and makes me dizzy. Someday, I'll stop being scared and say no, no more poking and prodding to check if everything is ok. Someday I'll choose faith over fear.

Someday I'll choose a holistic healer to attend to my pregnancy. Then, instead of being scared, I'll start feeling natural and awesome. Then I'll start getting excited. My belly will grow round and big. Then, I'll start having home birthing fantasies running in my head. Someday, I'll meet with a midwife and be soothed, calmed and cared for.

Someday I'll choose faith over fear.

Today is that day. Wish me luck.

Take care ya'll and have a good Easter!!

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Lotus07 said...

Someday, I am going to go totally green and give my dependence on foriegn oil......ow wait, we just did that. Put a down payment on a Volt and ride a Segway to work. .....but all good things take time....patience.

(Have a great long weekend)

Mrs. Hall said...

rock on !!!

velocibadgergirl said...


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Come ON, Spring. This weather can demoralize even the strongest of us.

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