Monday, April 4, 2011

Better than the originals (Disclaimer: I never saw the originals)

Movies like Tron 2 and Star Trek (2009) carry a certain weight with them. It's not that they are part of a franchise, I mean, Big Momma's house is a franchise. It's that they are part of people's childhoods. Once upon a time, little kids sat back and their imagination went absolutely apey in the theater with these movies. I was not one of those kids. I never saw the originals.

All the better for me to get all judgey judgey no?

I did however, see Tron 2 in 3D. It was a freak occurrence. Mr. Hall never takes me to the movies. In our entire 10 year marriage we've never set foot in those "money sucking multiplexes". But for Tron, he ponied up. Also on that day, I saw pigs fly. True story!

I really loved Tron 2. It carried elements that both honored the reverence people have for the original and poked fun at itself. Plus, it has the Dude in it. I will follow that man to the end of the earth. As long as it's in film I mean.

I highly recommend watching it. Watch it with someone who watched the original. It's more meaningful if you are near someone who loved it from the beginning.

Which brings me to Star Trek (2010). I am aware of the series but have never seen more than a clip here or there. I've never seen any of the movies. However, that didn't stop me from loving the pants off this film.

I've come to the conclusion that these remakes, they are better than the originals. They mine the rich territory of good and evil inside the main characters. Which spirals off into guns that go PEW PEW!! and gigantic ships going warp speed that blow up into white sparky showers.

o. and Scotty (as in beam me up), WAS PLAYED BY SHAUN. OF.. THE DEAD!!! I would follow that man to the end of the earth. If the end of the earth was in a movie I mean.

I dare anyone not to have a riot watching this film.

To not feel anything would be illogical.

(couldn't resist that one! :)

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B.E. Earl said...

"I've come to the conclusion that these remakes, they are better than the originals."

Without having seen the originals, you can jump right to this conclusion? How could you possibly know for sure? Tsk tsk tsk.

Mrs. Hall said...


Brown said...

May have to side with Earl on this one....theoretically speaking...BUTT, I did absolutely LOVE the new Star Trek movie. I'm hoping that Tron 2 pays an equally fulfilling homage to its predecessors. Let's just hope they leave Dune and Mad Maxx alone...

Mrs. Hall said...

like i told Earl on his site:

because the originals are older and cheesy and belong to someone else's childhood. since I am not a child I can't view the orginals they way there were intended.

but these films, the ignite childlike delight and adult appreciation. this is not something the originals could do.

so that's why i can say the remakes are better than the originals!

tsk tsk indeed!

Christine said...

I did watch the original Star Trek TV series when I was a child and I enjoyed many an episode of the Star Trek that had Jean Luc Picard, I think it was "Next Generation". I love the newest movie!

I haven't seen Tron yet. I do plan to though.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Star Trek was astounding. I am tempted, sorely tempted, to watch Tron 2.

Slyde said...

i didnt see the tron remake, but i never liked the original, even as a kid.

as for the new trek.....?

it wasnt bad, i guess, but i just cant get past the fact that they beam down to a random planet... A RANDOM PLANET... run into a cave... A RANDOM CAVE... and run into spock.

ARGGGGH! that shit drives me crazy.... ruined the movie for me.

Mrs. Hall said...

Christine: see tron 2. WORTH IT!!

GGIW: see tron 2. TOTALLY WORTH IT!!!

Slyde: they were beamed to the icy planet so Spoke could see his planet destroyed. I was a little disturbed by the random monsters but um, this pays homage to the original series. lots of random rubbery aliens.


Lotus07 said...

Gonna post a long comment here.

Strangely enough, the wife and I rarely go to the ‘movies’. Time and money constraints usually put a nix on that. I just isn’t worth $40+ dollars to see a movie when I can usually pirate it off the Internet for nothing. But Tron: Legacy was the exception. Like Mr. Hall, I really wanted to see this one and actually dragged Sue to see it as well…at the Imax… 3D. Sue had never seen the original. While she said that she found in ‘interesting’ she also admitted that she thought it was a pretty dumb film. Not really her cup of tea, but she got to see me act like a 20 year old again, which in when I saw the original.

Tron: Legacy was a good film. I wouldn’t say it was stellar, but it improved on the concept of the original and those special effects were pretty damn tasty.

As for Star Trek 2010, I could have done without that. I watched it on Netflix and was not impressed….especially when they dusted off Lenard Nimoy one more time for a cameo. While the film was supposed to give back story to the original, it was pretty laughable most of the way through. The obligatory bar fight scene with Kirk, McCoy pumping Kirk full of drugs to simulate illnesses, Spock loosing it and getting emotional….yawn. It was Star Trek for the X-Box generation. All glitzy with little substance.

I have several episodes of the original series on LaserDisc, and they have held up surprisingly well over time. Seen in their original format, with bright colors and no scenes deleted to make room for more commercials, they are almost like stage drams set in outer space. Really well written stage dramas. That alone, makes them better than all the special effects in the world.

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