Thursday, April 14, 2011

Just when you think they're not listening

The kids have been all about hearts and stars lately. Drawing them, coloring them, cutting them out to leave snitzles on the floor. You've heard of snitzles right? They're the bits and pieces of paper strewn about after a good hour of craft time!

Then. My little daughter steps up to the computer to draw herself a little something something.

And she draws this:

It's a heart that says "MOM + DAD".

This is what we are to her. A mommie and daddie in love.

Be still my beating heart. :)

Then, THEN. We've been working on the boy. As we are trying to get pregnant we are teaching him NOT TO JUMP ON MY BELLY OR WRESTLE WITH MY BELLY OR HIT MY BELLY and in general--be soft with me. This is hard for the boy. He's four. And a boy.

It's confusing for him. He likes to pretend he has a baby in his belly too. So he's actually being more careful with himself.

But, I still have to remind him to be careful because there will be a baby in there soon, not yet, but soon.

Then. THEN. My daugher pipes up.

"I heard you with Grandma, you can stop pretending now, I know there's a baby in there."

Just when you think they don't listen or pay attention, they do!


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Green Girl in Wisconsin said...


Mrs. Hall said...

bout time someone noticed :)

thanks ;)

GeologyJoe said...

the lack of rock concerts in their young lives means their ears work good. mine don't so much anymore.

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