Sunday, August 1, 2010

One dress for dipping, one for after

Today, The Tribe Called Hall to the big lake for the church picnic.

I wore one dress and packed another. One for dipping, one for after.

At the picnic I gathered with others and we formed a line. There was singing and rejoicing. When it was my turn, I walked into the lake and made my declaration. Then the pastor gently lowered me into the lake and I felt it gloosh over me. Then all of me was under the water. Then I was lifted up into the bright summer sun.

And now I am baptized.

This photo below is not me, but it pretty much explains how it felt hugging Mr. Hall after.

And the song in here, "Down to the river", it meant the world to me when I first heard it, and now it means even more.

5 Left a message at the beep:

the queen said...

Hey, I've been dunked myself!

Joanna Jenkins said...

Yep, the look on your face really does say it all.

white rabbit said...

'down to the river to pray'is just exquisite.


Mrs. Hall said...

Queen: woohoo!! dunking and dipping!!

JJ: That's not really me (i said that in the post sorry you didn't catch it :) but it's how I felt :)

WR: yes, that song chokes me up every dang time!

Brown said...

Okay, so let me first start by saying that I absolutely LOVE this movie. Effing Brilliant!

Congratulations on the purification ritual Mrs. Hall!

"Come on in boys...the water is fine."

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