Monday, August 9, 2010

What are these things?-Answers

What are these things?

1. Air compressor

With the kids' bike tires running low and a soccer ball all but deflated, it was time to conquer my fear of the air compressor. As a nurse, I have a healthy fear of pressurized metal containers of air. Like oxygen tanks. If you twist the nozzle wrong, or drop one of those to the floor, it can blast through concrete walls like a missile. But stuff needed to be inflated. I took a deep breath.

Then it came to me, like manna from heaven. Our wee air compressor is like those "Free Air" machines at the gas stations. I've used those PLENTY OF TIMES!! AND POOF!!! My fear was gone. And now the air compressor is my friend!

2. The drawer of the front loading washer (where the soap goes).

Mr. Hall is a fastidious individual. As such, I leave the dishes and the laundry to him. This why I stood in front of the front loader for a full five minutes trying to figure out where the soap goes Then I noticed the drawer. hee hee hee. LOOK AT ME! FIGURING IT OUT!!

3. the furnace

Mr. Hall had placed a water alarm next to the sub pump on the basement floor. Yesterday it went off. Only, it wasn't water from the sub pump setting it off. I called Mr. Hall, he said, "Where is the water coming from?" I traced the a trail of water to that thing up there. Then I said, "I don't know, it's the big metal thing that blows air."

Yes. I actually said 'the big metal thing that blows air.' You people who knew what this was- you hush!! I had no effing clue. How do you people know these things? So I took a picture of it and sent it to him because I couldn't describe it any further. He said, "Oh, the furnace". And he didn't laugh at me because he likes me.

He then pointed out, it's been really hot lately so the 'coolant' might have 'frozen'. Or, the yellow hose (see the yellow hose in the picture??), that actually goes to the sub pump. It might be blocked and that's why it's dripping water from the side. He asked me to check to see if anything was on the yellow hose. I can't believe he came up with no less than two reasons that the furnace was dripping. That man is a genius.

So I checked the hose.

And now I know-I must be careful where I put things in the basement. I moved a big heavy oak table top right on the yellow hose. This clamped it off. I thought it was odd, the yellow hose, I had no idea what it was. D'oh! MAH BAD!!

And now I know what the furnace looks like and what that yellow hose is. :)

4. The FABOOSH Irish Princess Hair!*

With Mr. Hall gone there is noone to watch the kiddies and we are trying to trim our budget anyway. And something had to be done about my hair. I had had enough!

First I had to use dye remover to remove all the old hair dye. Then I bleached the hair. Then I applied the hair color above. It took five hours and the top layer of my scalp (which is now healed). But dayum! How cute is that color!? Look what I did! So proud of me!

And there was no $200 dollar salon fee attached. Look what I can do when I put my mind to it!

so proud of me!

OK--stay tuned, there will be more learning of basic household appliances, trouble shooting the mowing of the lawn, and personal tips of the new and freshly useful-- Mrs. Hall!

*I am not Irish. at least I don't think I am. :)

5 Left a message at the beep:

white rabbit said...

The half thingies down there *points* had me confused...

Nic ehair but what's wrong with washing capsules that you just chuck in the washing machine. then no drawer confusion...

Mrs. Hall said...

Well, to clarify things-here in the US, people like to claim all manner of heritage/ethnicity-they will say things like, "I'm 1/4 irish" "Or I'm sweedish and polish". You WR, you can only claim to be English.

But again, in the states people claim all sorts of things. I remember my parents saying we have a blend of heritage in our background, irish, polish and like five other things.

For me, this is bullshiz. It's like claiming I'm a capricorn. It means nothing for me. Indicates nothing about me.

I prefer to think of myself as being from here, RIGHT HERE, where I live. My city, my state. Not a foriegn land.

so yeah, I am not Irish. But that is only me. The rest of the US popluation can continue to claim whatever they like.

The Savage said...

This should make it easier to find my blog...

white rabbit said...

And about capsules for washing machines?

You say I can only claim to be English. I'm 100% culturally English but in terms of ancestry I'm half Irish, a quarter English and a quarter French (sort of)- so I can play that game too :D

Mrs. Hall said...

I wrote: "You WR, you can only claim to be English." then I meant to write, "I think"

but apperently I didn't get that far.

so yeah, i mean, it's really just ridicolous from my point of view, playing the game of naming off mutliple heritages. I mean, I mostly hear it when people are excusing violent tempers or drinking habits.

so it has always rubbed me the wrong way. I'm sure if people used it in a postive way, such as, I'm french so I'm a lover . . . that would be just fine in my book.

people have responsibility for their own lives, 1/4 russian heritage notwithstanding . . . ;)

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