Wednesday, August 11, 2010

This is me, and this is how

This is me in my car up there. My white Capri's are a summer stable. If you embiggen the photo, you can see the ring that's in my blog banner. I love that ring. We bought that ring to celebrate my son turning one. It means as much to me as my wedding ring. I wear both rings every day. One means I'm Mrs. Hall, the other means I'm their Mom.

When I took this photo, I felt a growing ache in my chest. Once familiar and weighty, tucked behind my sternum. It means Mr. Hall is away, on a guard trip. I was wondering when it would show up. I've been so distracted by my work and our cute little monkees. I thought I'd developed an immunity to feeling this. Turns out, I was wrong. It still hurts being away from him.

But, this will be the last trip for the air national guard. Only four more weekends left, one for each remaining month of the year. Then he'll be done and I won't have to share him with the military anymore. And this ache will be just a memory.

But for now, I'll take a deep breath and hugs the kids. This helps a little.

A little.

Ok everybody, get ready to raise those lighters! Because this was the song that was playing when I took that photo.

update-sorry about the advert in the beginning! blame on it on the man!

GUNS N ROSES - Patience
Uploaded by GunsnRoses. - Watch more music videos, in HD!

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Ole Blue The Heretic said...

Sometimes our high minded ideas get in the way of what is important. That is a soldiers grief.

But love is all that matters.

Heff said...

Good song from a good band that had an INCREDIBLE ASSHOLE for a lead singer !

Mrs. Hall said...

Blue: wow, that's quite a way of saying that. thank you for writing it. :)

Heff: yeah, lead singers. bah. I mean, just because you write music, sing, play an instrument does not make you all that special. talent does not give you liscence to be a jerk. this is what axl rose, scott wielend and countless other stupid lead singers fail to realize.

then the band breaks up and things are never the same. it's just stupid i say!

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