Sunday, August 29, 2010

I can outlast you, other mom at the playground with your stinkeye

Then Sunday. Everyone was better. More rested. Less whiny. It was nice. The bluest skies, the sunniest sunshine. Hot and summer. Summer o Summer how I love thee. We rode our bikes to the park. The park was silly with kids. Mr. Hall and I sat in the shade. He put his hand on my knee. It was calm. The kids attacked the jungle gym with abandon.

Then I noticed a little girl (not my daughter) saying something to the wee Mac. "My Mommy is talking to you.", she said. And sure enough, another mom talking to my son. She was scolding Mac. Finger wagging even. He had walked up the slide instead of sliding down. Mac was looking at her like she was speaking German.

I've noticed that new moms get all hyper about walking up the slide. I use to get like that when I was new. There's safety issues and all. But. I am a Mom of seven plus years. Walking up the slide doesn't even phase me.

But this other Mom, she was upset with my son. He was clearly not interested in listening to some random Mommy. So he climbed up the slide again. Then the other mom sat down. Far away but directly across from me. Firmly in my field of vision. She was giving me the stink eye. And I felt weird.

Should I be doing something?

Then I thought. No Way!

I thought, I am not going to care about this! It was such a crazy day the day before. It was a Mommy needs a Martini day the day before. The kids were so whiny and like baby dinosaurs, they just kept poking and nipping at each other. Because if you're bored and hot, you need to share the pain with your sibling. It's in the handbook. It was all "He got more jjjoooouuuiiicceee then meeee!" and "Heee's licking me!" (Mac was pretending to be a dog). and "She's putting her feet on me!!!" Then they would wrestle and fight and scrap and I would separate them and then they would start again. All day like that Saturday. JUST LEAVE HIM/HER ALONE ALREADY!!! AAAHHHAGAAAHHH!!!!

So on Sunday, I just didn't care. Let her give me the stink eye. I have more stamina then most Moms. I can last four or five hours at the park. I can stay there all day if needed. And I don't bring snacks or juice boxes either. HA HAAAHHHAA!! There's a water fountain there. And bathrooms. That's all they need.

So I let her keep staring. And sure enough, she left the playground before me. I looked over to Mr. Hall, wanting to discuss all of this subterfuge of the play ground. And then I noticed something else. Mr. Hall had been playing games on his cell phone the entire time. None of this even registered.


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Christine said...

LOL... men have no clue! And how dare she approach your child! I would never, ever scold someone else's child, especially if I didn't know them from a hole in the wall! Congrats on your "sit-in"! =)

GiGi said...

Baby that! Yes, I know what you mean about other moms freaking over small stuff. Silliness.

Maundering mutterer said...

I like your balanced approach: there's a water fountain. Let the kids have fun. Down to earth.

Mrs. Hall said...

Christine: yeah, i was a little suprised about her scolding my kid but really. no harm. :)

Gigi: ya know, sometimes, i freak out about little stuff. i need to take the Mr. Hall approach, surf teh web on that cell phone. :)

MM: yes, no freakin snacks! I mean, they don't have to have a constant stream of food. !! :)

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