Friday, May 29, 2009

Broken alarm clocks, motorcycles and the last haul

Heads up! There is a quiz, over there on the right. We shall see how well you know your Mrs. Hall!! Oooohhh we'll see . . . .

  • My son has finally broken my alarm clock. Ya see, when he crawls into bed every so often, say at ooooo 5.30 am, I let him play with my alarm clock. It is my never ever successful attempt at trying to get more sleep. He messes with the buttons, all with the gentle hand of a toddler. He takes absolute delight in turning on the radio, shaking his booty when the music comes one. But, he has dropped it several times. The face has popped off twice. And even poured salt into the thing. (don't ask). It hasn't been setting right lately. Last night it went off several times, all wonkey and random. Like the car from that one Steven King film (little help with the title pls- too early). This morning it was totally broke.

  • This weekend will be the last weekend I haul stuff up from the house. Mr. Hall has proclaimed he is done with his part. Carpet is ripped up, all the furniture is gone, painting is done. We have workmen coming in to replace counter tops and the fuse box. Then it will be listed. T minus two weeks. I haven't digested this news yet. Too early.

  • We have two motorcycles left in the garage. One is a sporty bike, one is a Goldwing. That purple bike up there, THATS a Goldwing. I miss going on motorcycle rides with Mr. Hall. Anyone who has experienced being on a touring bike, riding through long country roads, knows what I mean. It is a time to snuggle and hush. But, we have kids and will be soon trying for another. It'll have to wait.

But what this really means, is that my last trip this weekend, is the last haul on this leg of our journey. For this leg anyway. I will have breakfast one last time at our favorite pancake place. Then, it is time to move on. Time to make here our home.

What ends also begins eh?

Take care everyone, have a good weekend :)

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Heff said...

I'm not seeing a quiz, although I really can't get my eyes past Hayek's chesticles.

Mrs. Holly Hall said...


and yes, Hayek has lovely um, eyes... very pleasing this early am. :)

B.E. Earl said...

I only got a 50, but some of those questions sucked.

#3, in particular. The "correct" answer is really on there twice so I went with another thinking you were trying to trick me.

But how did Holly Hall score a 40%?

Holly said...

"What ends also begins, eh?" Senora Hall, I absolutely adore this quote. I'm keeping it forever. That is, if you don't mind...

And, would you tell a new acquaintance, where was there and where is here?

I didn't take the quiz cause I'm still too new, but do it next year and see if I don't score a perfect 100!

Ole Blue The Heretic said...

I was sucking so bad at the quiz I stopped.

The movie based on the King book "Christine"

Just wait till the kid starts taking apart lawnmowers. *grins sheepishly*

Mr. Hall said...

MR. HALL-HE SPEAKS!!! I include it here :)


Oh and Mr Hall took his lawnmower apart when he was nine years old. 55 parts all spread across the patio. Put it back together and it ran just fine. I remember humming "I can't mow 55". Kids.

Mrs. Holly Hall said...

I meant @ ol blue!!!


(mrs. hall)

Mrs. Holly Hall said...

Earl: yeah, may have to adjust the quiz, did it late last night, all half asleep....that must be why I got forty :)

Holly: enjoy the quote :)

Ole Blue: See notes above :)

Bruce said...

You never miss an opportunity to post a picture of Selma Hayek. You know how to keep the boys coming back to your blog, don't you?

One minor correction. Prince is NOT sitting astride a Gold Wing in that picture. It isn't what he rode in the movie. That is a Honda CX-500, water cooled v-Twin. I think that Prince is a little to small in stature to be manhandling a Goldwing.

Cam@Journey Wildly said...

I hope you find some peace when you point your tires away from there on your way back to here.

It's a good good thing, Mrs.

So much waiting for you & the Tribe Called Hall at that new horizon...


Mrs. Holly Hall said...

Bruce: whoa, yer right! Huh, never occurred to me to actually fact check the photo. But, you are a stickler! And yes, the photos of Salma are multipurpose. Very aesthically (sp?) pleasing the Salma no?

Cam: Yes, it is all good. Peace is mine, in ever growing increments.

HEY you need to do the quiz! you'll get a hundred i just know it.

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