Friday, May 8, 2009

I figured out Lost by the way and you have something to answer for!

First, Let's give a round of applesauce to Earl's comments on the Pink Floyd Fight Post from yesterday-well done Earl, well done!!

See Kate's Hair, that's my hair right there!
(hey, i'm a poet and don't even know it.)

OK-wrote the main part of this post three weeks ago, so before we begin I have to discuss the last episode:

1. Kate-yes YOU!-When you are discussing a failed relationship with an ex boyfriend and you say, "Well, it wasn't all miserable", and he says, "Enough of it was". BELIEVE HIM.

Next, when you get on a sub with Mr. Sawyer and his bethroved, FUCK OFF. Be decent. Don't make eyes at Sawyer. Him and the blonde are trying to get it on and stuff, find something else to fuck up. And stop copying my hairstyle! At least I have bangs!!

2. The actress that plays the young and very very busty Eloise is a bad actress. I could out act her any day.

3. The smoke monster should have disemboweled Ben. I really really really hate BEN!


Yeah so lost then.


As viewed by a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner.

Do ya'll remember the show, 'Herman's Head?' way back when Fox started? If not, click here. Ok, keep that concept in the back of your mind.

Ok, do you at least remember the recent episode where Kate and John are talking while little kid ben was bleeding to death? Or the two exact same scenes where where Faraday is playing piano and Eloise comes in, saying, "best be gettin' to that big boat over yonder, it'll bring ya to the eyesland so ya can fill yer perpis!"

Or, does anyone remember when Kate said, "Here we are again, trying to save Ben." And the principles were the same, Jack being a surgeon and therefore the savior, Kate being all foxy and urging him on, Ben dying and so forth.

Now, let's think about this. And let's add some basic psychology here.

When we are kids, we develop ways of operating. If we are lucky enough to have solid parent(s) we develop an understanding of security and how to identify our emotions and how to cope with adversity. If you have suck ass parents, you have to work harder at learning these basic skills of life. Welcome to the world of my job, as a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner. My job is to help people learn to identify their emotions, develop coping mechanisms, help them heal the damage done. And oh, it can be done!!!

But, back to Lost. Part of the childhood development process involves learning patterns. What ever is strongest in terms of emotional arousal- sticks the hardest. Emotional intensity cements patterns of emotional and behavioral operating. Again, this begins for us as children.

THUS-if one has had a balanced parent(s), one has a good shot at cementing healthy emotional and behavioral patterns. However, if your parent(s) sucked, you learn to live your life like an episode of COPS.


What is learned in terms of emotional development, ways of coping, behaving, all of this is a pattern. And it is repeated. GOOD OR BAD it is repeated. JUST LIKE JACK AND KATE SAVING BEN.

Considering that this entire island is spookey as all get out, and the show is very much concerned with psychology, psychics, all other manner of energy phenomenon, perhaps this show is just one big knock off of Herman's head.

Perhaps these characters are just bits of someone's psyche having the same conversation over and over. Repeating a pattern over and over. Just like we all do. Unless we take charge.

And if this was my head, and these were bits of my psyche, I would literally eliminate Jack, Kate, and Miles. I would keep Hurley, Sawyer, and Sayid.

Eliminating Jack, Kate and Miles would be easy. They have little or no ability to identify emotions or deal with them effectively. Jack is an addict, Kate is all closed off and badass, Miles is fucking annoying with his stupidness.

Developing Hurley, Saywer and Sayid would be tricky. They all have an edge of darkness to them. But they have shown growth, their goodness has responded to pruning, light and water.

Which leaves me with Ben. He would be struck down in some bowel involving way. He is no good, shows no signs of growth. He is evil. He needs to go. Unless he is little kid ben, then by virtue of my virtues, he would be saved.


Now you, what would you do if the cast of lost lived in your head?

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Big Pissy said...

Whoa! that's a tough one.

I'll have to get back to you on that.

Mrs. Holly Hall said...

Hey Pissy! I was going to actually send this to you, this post because it started as an email first.

But you would have been like the forth person I sent it to, so it goes here!

can't wait till you come up with the answer! :)

B.E. Earl said...

Hmmm...gonna have to re-read that again when my head is a bit more clear. Lost (get it?) me somewhere in the middle.

Mrs. Holly Hall said...

We had a talk about this Earl- you promised to stop drinking in the morning!

I am very dissapointed

(snicker snicker snicker)

Journey Wildly said...

Earl's comment was at 12:20, so it was technically afternoon. And, it's Friday. You gotta spot him some Friday hours... Noon on Friday is like 5:45 on Wednesday.

If the cast of Lost lived in my head, I would walk around dreaming dirty thoughts on Sawyer. All day. Period.

I'd lobotomize Kate, Hurley, all of 'em. Leaving just me and Sawyer... Or, just Sawyer, if I'm not aware of me. Either way, I'm good.

Mrs. Holly Hall said...

Cam: Yeah, maybe I should cut Earl some slack, he's been trying really hard lately, it's just his back has been hurtin' so . . . .

Uh yeah, Sawyer is a tasty dish.

But I think I prefer Sayid.

DAYUM!!! THAT MAN WITH HIS PECKS AND SCULPTED BICEPS OF STEEL!!He can rock a tank top like noone's business. And I am very sure he could rock my world. (ok mr. hall-if you are reading this-sorry ;)

But yeah, really, I am kind of tired of everyone else.

Lobotomy away!


Heff said...

I "lost" interest in Lost after 1/2 of the first season. It's Ridicalus !!!

Mrs. Holly Hall said...


I lost interest after season three but i'm still here, lugging the water to the beach, skinning all those nasty boars and cooking them up, drinking the gaddamn coconut juice!!!

your're an Other- aren't you!

hee heee

GeologyJoe said...

lost cast in my head?

I gotta remove everyone but Hurley start living with his lottery winnings.

Mrs. Holly Hall said...

GOOD idea Geo-Joe!

That is assuming that Hurley really did win the lottery and it wasn't part of his um, crazy ness, like a hallucination or something :)

Bruce said...

I would probably volunteer for a lobotomy.....

Mrs. Holly Hall said...

Bruce: Nah, better to exploit the forces within to better your agenda in life . . . . what ever that may be . . . . .

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