Saturday, May 2, 2009

Word association: Serendipity*

Serendipity, a homecoming

Tonight you’ll come home to this house
To a house not ours, nor our home.
The concrete hands gripping me tight
Will rupture and dissolve to dust.

I’ve been lying over the city
Like a glass dome.
Inside the kids play, oblivious.
I shield them from insults and injuries
That suck the air from these rooms.

All of this you know,
As you’ve been left behind
Ataxic and swollen
While your wife sends signals
Of sirens distress.

So come tonight, here to this house
Allow me a minute when you ring,
To lower my shoulders
To clean up the dust.

I will try my best
While I smooth my face
In the warm flesh of your neck
To feel the serendipity
Of who we are.

This poem would not be separated from this breathtaking video.

*Word associated by DizzBlnd
Her site (which is very funny btw):


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James said...

haha it DID get seperated from it's breathtaking video by my work's filter .

I will have to have a look when I get home.

Nice poem.

Mrs. Holly Hall said...

No bad considering I hadn't written a poem in over 10 years eh?

but really, you should view the video, it enhances the poem and vices versus. :)

have fun at work James!

Journey Wildly said...

Oh, Mrs...

So telling, this poem of yours. The love for your husband, the strength you draw from his presence. The crazyglue that you must be right now. You are succeeding, of course, but you, you are determined and weary.

I pray for your deliverance soon. You've worked too hard for freedom in your life.

Enjoy your time with the tribe called Hall this weekend. May it fill your reserve, too....

Mrs. Holly Hall said...

Ha! I am a bit of the crazy glue right now. But yes, soon soon I we will be back together every day, living like we should, our family in our house. :)

James said...

Journey Wildly writes just the same way as Mrs Hall, in that strange looking-philisophically-from-a-distance kind of way....are you two related??

James said...

me again. I just looked up ataxic/ataxia...unusual word to use in a poem but I think it works...

Ole Blue The Heretic said...

Beautiful poem. Lots of imagery and emotion. You should write more poems.

Mrs. Holly Hall said...

James: Ataxic is a very classic word in nursing. It describes a person's walk/gait being off center

Like when the police pull over a drunk person and they have to walk that straight line because they drunk, thier walk is 'ataxic'. hee hee

Ole Blue: THANKS! :) give it my best shot

Mrs. Holly Hall said...




ok fine

send a pic then hee hee

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