Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The all healing powers of SKA and liking your girlfriend

WAIT! If you go to the real home page, i have this new 'ligit widgit' thing and it is showing a map of all the visitors. HELLO PEOPLE FROM DENMARK! AND ENGLAND!! WOW! it is the international house of Hall here! :)

Feeling battle weary at the end of this week. So, in times of need I turn to the all healing powers of Ska.*

Let's all turn to the Planet Smashers shall we? Their song "Pee in the Elevator" may very well have changed my life, way back when, at age 19.

But after age 19 , I forgot who the hell sang the song or the song title. For six years I would hum a few lines, do random searches on the interwebs trying to find it.

Then, I asked Rob and he knew the song and band in 2 seconds flat. Thanks Rob! Yes THAT ROB)

But alas, that song did not hold up to repeat listening.

So you get this instead.

"I like your girlfriend" by the Planet Smashers

All sorts of healing . . . .

What with the earnest lookie lou-ing at the girlies and gentle appreciation of the female form.

tee hee hee

and . . . it has a killer ending :)


*Also all healing . . . Music of the Funk!

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B.E. Earl said...

You know how much I love ska, but I really don't dig that band.

Just doesn't have that same rock steady beat that the first wave and two-tone bands had.

I listen to that and I just know that I can't dance to it, and dancing to the song is what ska is all about. For me.

Mrs. Holly Hall said...

Then you tell me what song you like, that are all healing for you in the SKA :)

Holly said...

One of the songs that did it for me was, "Take It From Work!" I was the boss at the time, and it was the anthem in our office. I don't think the other managers felt that was politically correct, but I say, "It's good to be the effin' Queen!"

Big Pissy said...

Fun video! :)

Slyde said...

how did i just know that if you were talking about Ska, little Earl would come bumbling over to be the first poster?

Mrs. Holly Hall said...

Holly: Will have to look that video :) Sounds good and I can never have enough anthems

Pissy: So cute the video yes? :)

Slyde: Anything having to do with music or contests will provoke a comment from Earl. Especially contests/trivia. He's all competitive like that. :)

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