Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I think I might be turning my son gay

It began with my first ultrasound, when the technician said,

"Mrs. Hall, you are carrying a girl, TEXT BOOK GIRL. Those three lines there, ALL GIRL."

So we named her Lola. I put the song (Lola) on the ipod, playing and singing along whilst in the car. Pancake and I danced and sang it in the shower whilst she 'washed' the baby---my belly. Awww . . . belly love . . .

Then, I went through all of Pancake's clothes and pitched any that were gender neutral or even remotely boyish. PITCHED 'EM ALL!!

As a result, Mac has all girl hand me downs. He loves wearing his sister's jammies the most. "Pancake's jammies!", he says while hugging his clothes. I encourage this.

Second, Mac lives in a female dominant house five days a week. His Momma is fully in charge. He has grown to love all manner of cute kitty videos on youtube. Cute bunny videos too. Then there is the Lolcats.com. He loves the wee kitties.

Then, the other night, after I finished painting my daughter's toes, Mac comes up and whips off his socks, all excited. So I painted his toes. After, he grabbed his chubby little feet and lifted them up while exclaiming, "IMMA PRINCESSS!!!"

Mmmmhmmm, um, that boy needs some of his Daddy, STAT!!!

But, I can say this. Daddy was here this weekend, just like every weekend. We had a scrumptious Sunday dinner of wild salmon, brown rice and asparagus. So tasty the asparagus! Mac mowed them down, wood chipper style. Then he got to share a cookie (macadamia nut) with his Daddy. His eyes lite up. "COOKIE!!!" He hollered.

Mr. Hall broke the cookie in half and handed it to Mac. "COOKIE!!!" He hollered again. THEN


He looked right at me and said, "MOMMY!!! COOKIEEE!!!"

And handed me half of his cookie.

I was floored by this. OOF!!!! Sniff, sniff, unbearable Mommy pride, sniff sniff, tearing up.... I smiled and said, "Oh thank you honey! Mommy is so proud of you sharing like such a good boy!"

A cookie never tasted so sweet ;)

SO NOW, let's all enjoy the gayest referee ever :)

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Mrs. Holly Hall said...

That shirt he is wearing, the red stripey one---we call it "the gay pirate shirt". I kid you not.

it is too small for him to wear this summer, his belly sticks out the bottom :)

Holly said...

So then he'll look like a real gay redneck somabitch! Hey, the ref? He truly does look gay...and by that I mean, happy and joyful. Well, the other part may be true as well. But, who cares when one is truly happy? Imma Queen!

Holly said...

BTW, I need a sponsor...care to take the walk with me through WW success?

Mrs. Holly Hall said...

Holly: Sponsor? Huh, well, I can um, help field questions but not sure what else you might need. I did the whole thing online and really, all sorts of help there. but lemme know :)


Holly said...

I just know I'll need the support and push in the butt from time to time...can't think of anyone who'd like to poke me with a sharp stick like yuz Messes Hall!

Cam@Journey Wildly said...

I bet no cookie ever tasted sweeter, truly! Dylan bought me my very own extremely decadent chocolate chip cookie around Mother's Day and it was goooood! Of course, he asked to split it with me, but I will just ignore that fact...

I think even if Mac does turn out with a flair for the feminine, he is still all boy. The power slide on the big wheel seals it...

B.E. Earl said...


You made a LolCat from one of my pictures of Avery! So. Fucking. Cool! Thanks soooooo much!

PS - I got the Butcher Holler/Jack White connection. I think. He produced an album for Loretta Lynn a few years ago. Right? ;)

Mrs. Holly Hall said...

In reverse order:

Is there anything that DOES NOT STUMP YOU!!

fine. be that way you smarty smart pants.

And yes, it is your Avery!!!

I was looking through LOL cats and though, no, I will make one of my own for this post and use a very cute kitty indeed!!



Cam: Yeah, he is all boy on the big wheels. Also, Mr. Hall grew up completely surrounding by women (single mom-three sisters) no Dad. And he well, turned out very manly indeed. :)

Holly: I can say this, when I struggled with WW I did find myself a counselor. This helped. And I made it a point to journal every wednesday which i put up on the blog. This should help. And there are other good places to find support online like sparkpeople.com. Filled with people in the thick of it. :)

Ole Blue The Heretic said...

Wonderful cookie snipet. The boy loves his Mom.

Mrs. Holly Hall said...

Yeah, I mean, he's two years old! And sharing! With his Momma.

it kills me! :)

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