Thursday, May 7, 2009

I wanna pick a fight over Pink Floyd, but first

1. One surefire way to cure the blues is to take a day off and spend it with your daughter, doing girly things. Took her out of school for it. That way, no needy little brother. Just her and me. I plan on do this every month from now on! Oh, and he gets his day every day. He's two. :)

2. I have committed a cinematic offense- twice. I have watched the last 30 minutes of two films before I saw the beginning. The films- Fight Club and Sixth Sense. It was an accident, really it was! I had no idea what these films were, they were just playing in a room I happened to be in! I claim innocence! Mr. Hall still gives me crap about it, especially when we are disagreeing on something. If we come to a standstill, he plays that fight club/sixth sense card. Like it's a character flaw that negates my arguments.

3. The long arm of Daddy law is now Mommy's arm too. Mr. Hall is here on weekends* so the discipline is firmly on my shoulders during the week. Any skill I did not have in terms of time outs, taking away beloved toys and counting ONE TWO THREE , is now a super skill. They don't get a way with nothing nowadays.

4. The kids are doing well, no change in behavior or temperament since the move. For this I am eternally grateful.

*The Tribe Called Hall is currently relocating to my home town. Mr. Hall is staying behind, getting the house ready for sale/working. He comes up on weekends. Me and the wee ones live full time with my parents for now. But I am very tired of this arrangement, tired and getting pissy (Hey Pissy!), we need to move out!!!! Only I can do so much, only so much I have control over. So, grrr! FIGHT FIGHT!!

That being said, I am pretty pissed off. I need to sell the house, move out of this one and move in to a new one. This will take time and DAMMIT! I am all worked up and angry. I'm itching for a fight!


I wrote this in response to Earl's Post on AC/DC.

From me-Holly:

There is one CLASSIC ROCK station here, in my home town, where I have moved back to recently. And I swear to god, they are playing the same CLASSIC ROCK as they were when I left 20 years ago. In fact, I SHIT YOU NOT-the djs are still the same.


That means they are still playing the same music as 20 years ago that was created 10 years before that. Can we not evolve people!?

But then again, lately, I've been ACTUALLY LISTENING TO some of it.

and hot damn with the AC/DC and the LED ZEPPELIN. Hot stuff! Who knew?

Pink floyd though, meh. Still don't get what the fuss is. I've seen the Wall. I am deep enough to get the subtext. But really, I think Pink Floyd is lame.

I mean, yeah, I get it, oppressive school, domineering mom, drugs rock and roll and piss off because you are in a fish bowl covering the same old ground year after year.

Stereophonic bullshit if you ask me.

Pink Floyd can kiss my ass.


Let's thrown down!!

have a good weekend ;)


The comments are hot on this one!


Then you too shall be moved!


take care again :)

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Holly said...

I got your back, sister. I don't like them either...never did. However, I do believe the best thing about them is that album jacket. That's cool.

Yeah, I'm old enough to say ALbum Jacket!!!! World, get over it!

B.E. Earl said...

What Pink Floyd was best at (progressive rock and concept albums) is something that can easily be lost on the casual fan. But they weren't all about "oppressive school, domineering mom, drugs rock and roll and piss off because you are in a fish bowl covering the same old ground year after year." Tsk, tsk for that. This is one of the most intelligent bands ever to produce an album, and many of them have been works of art.

"Dark Side of the Moon", at it's core, had themes of greed, conflict, old age and the recent loss of Syd Barrett to mental illness. Listen to the album from beginning to end. From the first heartbeats before "Speak to Me" to the last heartbeats at the end of "Eclipse", this album captures the full breadth of the human experience from birth to death. It's amazing, quite frankly.

"Wish You Were Here" continues the tribute to Syd Barrett, but also speaks volumes about the band's feeling towards big record companies and their lack of understanding of the artist's product. Listen to "Have a Cigar" as they talk about a record exec wanting to know which one of them is "Pink". Excellent album.

"Animals" is another concept album based partly on George Orwell's "Animal Farm". Capitalism and Communism are both explored and dissected within the songs. This one wasn't my cup of tea, but I know plenty of people who love it.

"The Wall" captures more of the themes you spoke of as it deals with the isolation of a rock star and the damage created from his upbringing. They took a tidbit of their frustration with the record company and with Roger Water's attitude while touring for "Animals" and made a rock opera masterpiece. The Wall is the figurative representation of the mental state of isolationism of the fictional rock star, Pink. Yes, it is heavy and yes, it is brutal. But brilliant, nonetheless.

"The Final Cut" ended up as Roger Water's response to Margaret Thatcher's war against the Argentines in the Falklands and the reduced prominence of Great Britain on the World's great political and economic stages. It started out as something else entirely (it was supposed to be a soundtrack to the film version of "The Wall"), but that's where it wound up. I really like this album, even though for some it didn't reach the heights of some of their previous efforts. The band had pretty much broken up by this point, so "The Final Cut" truly was the final cut.


So I take a little umbrage with dismissing them as being "same old, same old" thematically. They made songs about human suffering and the human experience. That encompasses a hell of a lot more then what they explored in "The Wall".

Mrs. Holly Hall said...

Holly: Yeah, I said I wanted to start a fight! But thank you for having my back nonetheless! hee hee

Holly said...

Let's kick the fight up one more shouldn't be that flippin' complicated! I don't want to dissect it, I want to listen to it.

So, thanks for all the info, which by the way was quite interesting to read..but having said that...

Here's another band I never could get...Jethro Tull! WTF?

Mrs. Holly Hall said...



I am so tickled that you tested the word count of my comment box.

So tickled that you wrote an entire essay on the complexies of Pink Floyd. So tickled!!!

So, guess I might just be wrong, perhaps I haven't given Pink Floyd enough of a listen.

I think you TKO'D ME!!!

thanks EARL!!

hee hee heee

but maybe you can bring it to another realm though, a more personal realm. Because while your analysis is all good, you don't really say what the music means to you personally.

because that's what it's all about her at la blog de senora Hall!

hee hee hee

B.E. Earl said...

Pink Floyd, for me, was a place and a time. I started to appreciate music just when Pink Floyd was peaking in the early-mid 70's (I was very young). I was approaching my teenage years when The Wall came out, and I really connected with it's themes. Loneliness, isolation, rejection, drugs/alchohol...these are all things that normal teenagers deal with.

I took a college course in Sociology that included films, music and television on it's curriculum. One day the professor plays the song "Mother" from The Wall. The song really isn't about the protagonist's controlling mother, per se. It was more an allegory with society itself as the Mother figure. I remember sitting there after the song's final words "Mother, did it need to be so high?" and the professor asked about it. And I don't know if no one "got it" or if they just didn't want to speak up.

But the whole song is about society and his particular "family" helping this damaged man/boy build a wall around his psyche to protect himself from the world. She, society, is gonna protect him, but she is going to use fear and hatred as a method of doing so.

"Hush, my baby. baby, dont you cry.
Mommas gonna make all of your nightmares come true.
Mommas gonna put all of her fears into you.
Mommas gonna keep you right here under her wing.
She wont let you fly, but she might let you sing.
Mommas gonna keep baby cozy and warm.
Oooo babe.
Oooo babe.
Ooo babe, of course mommas gonna help build a wall."

The final question was the man/boy looking out of his hole and only seeing The Wall. Did it need to be so high?


Mrs. Holly Hall said...

Wow Earl, way to represent the fanbase!

Awesome stuff there sir, awesome stuff!

Will have to read it over some more, on my way home now (that's right, blogging on company time!!)

but rock on EARL!! \m/!!!

Big Pissy said...

Wow! Impressive comments from Earl...seriously.

I don't put that much effort into my posts, much less my comments.

Mrs. Holly Hall said...

The Earl, he is righteous in his love for the Pink Floyd. And for this I am immpressed and humbled.

I second your comment Pissy

Caz said...

Earl - you are inspired! Come comment on my blog. I bitch about spiders a lot if that helps?? :)

Incidentally "Wish you were here" is a frikken BEAUTIFUL song - no two ways about it. But yeah Holly - agreed, I would rather just enjoy than dissect.

PS MS H: Fill me in... why is Mr Hall only there on weekends or am i missing it completely.

Mrs. Holly Hall said...

Caz! Yes, EVERYONE go to the Spacebook and read about her spider fear. Then do what I did, which was say , 'huh, who is afraid of spiders like that?'

then I googled the particular spider she is afraid of.

holy SHITE!

ok, word to the Earl!

Holly: I think music should be a blend, depth and entertainment. A blend I say!

Kate said...

"Dark Side Of The Moon" was one of the very first records I bought for myself. The same day I bought "Fragile" by Yes.

I listened to both a whole bunch, they're both good records, but the Floyd record wins. It's fucking brilliant.

Hi Five to B.E.Earl, and the Holly's.

Journey Wildly said...


At the risk of inciting rage in Earl, and he already scared me with those eyes that were always watching me... (PS-bring back the EYES!)

You know, I don't think I've ever listened, really listened, to Pink Floyd sober. Like, ever.

But, I could zone out to it with the best of 'em. Just, mellow right out. I think I once figured out some really important stuff about life while in The Zone, but I went to get a pen & paper and wound up with the Doritos. It was all over after that.

Mrs. Holly Hall said...

Kate: Yes and Pink Floyd eh? Fucking Brillant eh? Well, well said from the musician of the group!! hee hee

Journey Wildly: Yes, sometimes spacy music doesn't help those of us who are naturally spacey. Heehee

i am the diva said...

ohmygod, i KNEW there was a reason i loved Earl.

When i saw Roger Waters do Dark Side a few years back, i was moved by his passion! after all those years, playing the same things over and over again, he still is absolutely PASSIONATE about music.

Also, he played "Wish You Were Here" and the crowd sang along, breathtaking, and there was a visual tribute to Syd Barrett who died shortly before the concert.

i was a bawling mess.
Shine on You Crazy Diamond (all parts) is still my fave.

Oh, and listen to the way David Gilmour bends his strings... its magic.

Bruce said...

I am gonna go back and read the comments later, but first, you have committed sacralige by 'dissing' Pink Floyd. You will have to answer in the afterlife for these miss-deeds and it won't be pretty. St. Peter is one bad stonner with a penchant for Iron Butterly and 'The Floyd'.

Pink Floyd more than any of ther band of their era defined rock as an emotional medium, that didn't just rock out, but explored the concepts of alienation, introspection, anxiety, guilt, and loneliness with more than 3 chords and a simple beat. I find them almost operetic. Maybe you should just stick to the Beach Boys and the Archies???

As for your radio station, I used to work in Radio, radio is not what you think.

Most radio stations do not have DJs anymore. They are all pre-programed and most of the songs and DJ 'banter' are downloaded from centralized satilite feeds and mixed with local advertisements and weather reports. If you visit the average radio station in any market, you will find almost no one there, with the exception of the 'morning talk show crew' on from 6am to 10am. The rest of the time, the stations are all on auto-pilot.

Mrs. Holly Hall said...

Diva: For music to matter, or any art really, it must move the audience. It obviously moved you, to tears even. Good stuff, good stuff . . thanks for sharing :)

Bruce: So touchy! And no, I will have no problem passin through the pearly gates, for this I am sure.

And I see what you are saying, expanding rock and roll beyond the three cords, adding in sound elements of opera, ethereal sound scapes and what have you. For this I agree, the busted open new ways of making music.

And radio stations are just about useless at this point. I can say that I am very shocked that the same morning guys are still on the air on the station I mentioned. Again, they were the same morning crew from when I was in high school.

And I'm sorry, i am not really familiar with the beach boys or the archies, but then again, I am not old.


keep it going if you wish :)

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