Friday, September 26, 2008

Woodpeckers and Raising Arizona

First off-congratulations Mr. Geology Joe and Wife! Welcome to the bloggerhood little guy!

Our house has wood siding. We also have several trees in the back yard. One day, after we moved in, we heard tapping. It was distinctive, like mini machine gun fire. It was a rapid tap-tap-tap-tap-tap . . . pause. . . . tap-tap-tap. . .

The tapping wasn't at the window or the door. It was near the top of the walls in the living room. Turns out it was a woodpecker, drilling holes in the siding. Mr. Hall made quick work of this. It is an intermittent problem, easily dealt with. No biggie.

Yesterday, I was using my work laptop, at home. If I work from home I get to sit in my comfy chair and listen to the radio as I document my day. I don't get to listen to the radio at work because "it is too distracting" to my coworkers.

Anywho-I was typing away when I heard the tap-tap-tap and I bolted outside with a bath towel in my hand. I spotted the wood pecker and yelled.


With all sorts of vengeful energy, I began to swing wildly with my towel. Screaming and swinging. The woodpecker went to the nearest tree. Waiting and mocking me. I swung the towel at the trees, knocking crunchy leaves down. I grabbed tree limbs and shook them. At this point I was almost climbing the tree. All crazed monkey like.

And then I realized. Perhaps I was taking the whole 'job offer falling through' a little too easily. Perhaps I was not quite right about it after all.
So I took the rest of the day off. No more seeing patients, no more charting, no more nothing. The kids were at day care and school. I would have four hours all to myself. This, to a parent, is like winning the lottery.
I popped in a movie. Raising Arizona.

I snuggled on the couch with the cat. I started to feel relaxed for the first time in weeks. I was all sorts of chillax. Raising Arizona was raising my spirits. Good times.

Then, the phone rang. And it rang again and again. All of the sudden I have three job interviews for positions as a Psych-NP. They were all very nice calls. All reaffirming my passion for this line of work. And they all wanted to meet me right away.
And it gets better. I like all of these jobs they are wanting me for. They sound very exciting.

My first interview is today. Wish me luck.

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B.E. Earl said...

That clip ends with my favorite line of the film. Brilliant!

GeologyJoe said...

thank you. 'wife' is a f'n champ, I couldn't believe it.

your pounding pecker problem sounds somewhat serious. maybe linseed oil on the siding will deter them. but im just guessin'.

good luck with the interviews, good people and close proximity can be worth more than higher pay.

Steph said...

Good for you! You'll do great.

Slyde said...

cant see the clip here at work, but that is one of my favorite movies....

and apparently now it has special good luck magic attached to it..good for you!

Anonymous said...

Onward & Upward, Mrs! Keep us updated. (typing with your fingers crossed is hard to do :)

Mrs. Hall said...

Hey all:

Too tired to respond individually.

There was some funny aliteration there.

ug--thank you for the well wishes.

So cool to get encouragement from the fellow bloggers.


Mrs. Hall

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