Thursday, September 4, 2008

Let's talk Reuben Sammiches instead

I don't really want to talk about it, so let's talk about something I want to talk about. Reuben Sammiches.

I believe in taking everyday food and elevating to your own wants, needs and desire. And of the basic ingredients of the Reuben, that being black rye bread, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, thousand island dressing and meat, I desire sauerkraut the most.

To begin, acquire the above ingredients. Choose your Swiss cheese wisely. Don't by 'Lorraine Swiss', it is crap. Buy baby Swiss. Or a hearty type. Taste before you by. For my meat, I prefer turkey pastrami. More bite, less beef flavor. Again, sample both to determine what tickles your fancy.

By the way, to do that you must be at a deli. But you don't by your meats and cheese from the people at Kraft. Now do you?

Get yourself to a stove. Get two pans. Lay the bread out and put slices of cheese on it. In the second pan place the meat and copious amounts of sauerkraut. Let the sizzle and mingle. Don't be turn happy. Let the flavors and juices invade each other at will. It feels slightly naughty doing this. But, all great food has a little sin, now doesn't it?

When the cheese has properly melted and the meat and kraut are all spent, then make the sandwich. At this point you are ready to address the 1,000 dressing. Mr. Hall prefers the full strength, while I like to sample the lower fat varieties. It is a point of contention.

Last night we had the full Monty. From Wishbone. If you want to be an overachiever, make your own. But food isn't suppose to enslave you with work. Unless you are into that kind of thing.

Once the sammiches are made you are left with nothing to do but savor. DON'T RUSH! Enjoy each bite separately. Let the flavors dance on your tongue.

Talk to your table mate. Don't talk about work or taxes or other things that clog up your digestive process. Make up lies if you have nothing to say. Invent new names for yourselves and plan a trip to Venezuela if you must.

That's all. Much better to discuss this than what I wanted to talk about, no?

Does anyone have any suggestion for a beverage for this meal?

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B.E. Earl said...

Oh yeah...since this 'tis the season for them, I would suggest a nice Oktoberfest or a Pumpkin Ale.
The PumKing from Southern Tier is my favorite. Not sure what is available in your area, especially since I don't know what area you are from. ;)

Would go perfectly with a reuben sammy. I think I know what I'm having tonight.

Steph Waller said...

Mmmm... Reuben sammiches...

Michelle J said...

Mrs. Hall this post has to be my favorite post so far of yours!!! Your description of the food made my mouth water!!

Try this as a beverage:

It's good stuff!!!


Big Pissy said...

I agree with Michelle up there: fabulous description of the food.

Tasty! :)

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