Monday, September 15, 2008

Potter's Ground: Round one UPDATED again WITH CLUES

Potter's Ground: Round one

Ok-Well let's try this again with more clues.
It is time to guess the musical reference. 10 points for the first person who correctly identifies the reference. If you are not that person, you can still get points (up to five) for sharing what the musical reference means to you.
I haven't decided yet, but maybe you can get the first ten points and extra points (up to five extra) for sharing. We'll see.

Let's begin again (this time with feeling):

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This scene is from a movie near and dear to my heart. Go ahead and guess.

Act One:
Doolittle (Doo) is sitting at the head of the kitchen table. It's supper time. He's wearing a white t-shirt and reaching for food. Lorretta is in a house dress and apron, standing beside the table. She's buttering putting food on her daughter's plate. There are two girls and two boys at this point in their lives. Loretta is all of 18. They are both from Butcher Holler.

Doo: What you'd do all day baby?

Lorretta: I done put up 17 quarts of this applebutter. She begins mixing the salad in front of Doo. And then the dag gone sink stopped up and I spent half the morning fixing that.
Doo leans foward, tilting his head to the side as he takes a bite.

Lorretta: Jack Benny stop ah-kickin' him under the table! Ya hear me? She lowers her voice to a whisper. And then I had that doctor's appointment.

Doo puts down his food, folds his arm unto the table. He turns his head to look directly at Lorretta.
Loretta: She looks at him. It was a false alarm, but the doctors says we better be a whole lot more careful next time. She moves to the other side the table to help her son. He coughs. Cover your mouth when ya coughing now! She reaches over her son's head and scoops salad onto his plate. And then I come home . . .
Doo: To his son. You better finish that boy.

Loretta: Walks around the table and sits down. Betty Sue! You're not leaving this table till you finish that, ya hear me!?

Doo: To his son. Come on now, sit up. He reaches over and lifts the boy onto his lap.
Loretta: And then I-ah come home and cook supper. And I'ma bout ready to die . . . How was your day?

Doo: Wet.
Fast forward to 4.06 and see what it is:

Good luck and play nice!

Potter's Ground: Round Two will be up next monday.

14 Left a message at the beep:

Heff said...

I'm clueless, but in all fairness, my mind wandered when I read "She's buttering her daughter's bun".

Slyde said...

i want to play, missy, but i have to confess that i too am at a loss...

i havent the foggiest what musical reference you could be referring to. i dont even have a guess i could make...

Heff said...

Coal Miner's Daughter.

lotus07 said...

WTF? The theme from the Beverly Hillbillies?

B.E. Earl said...

Gotta go with Heff on this one.

Coal Miner's Daughter.

Didn't Levon Helm (from The Band) play her father in that movie? What a great film! And Sissy did her own singing. So did Beverly D'Angelo as Patsy Cline!

Mrs. Hall said...

Ok-Heff Gets the first 10 points.

Sorry Lotus07. Better luck next time. But- I think I will keep the clues within a monthly theme. And so this months theme is hillbilly music. :)

Earl: Yes, Sissy did her own singing. And Beverly D'Angelo did sing as Patsy Cline. Not sure about the Dad part though.

NOW-you can still get points if you let me know what the movie or Loretta Lynns music means to you.

Or why you liked the movie.

For example-Mr. Hall and I will recite this piece of dialouge to each other at least once a week. It fits us. Someday, our kids will watch the movie and finally figure out what the hell we were talking about.

But I don't need the points because I am the game master.

hee hee

Mrs. Hall

Slyde said...

damn.. now i feel stupid.. i should have guessed CMD.

anyway, what the movie means to me?

when it came out, i was honestly a tad too young to want to see it, but i remember hearing of all the accolades for the movie and for sissy spacek, who at the time i had only known for Carrie.

I also remember loretta lynn going on the mike douglas show during this time, and just praising sissy spacek on the film, and saying how she sat in the back of a croweded movie theatre watching it for the first time, and broke down crying at how proud she was of the film.

She came out in a pretty floral dress, and sang her little heart out. I dont think i could have been more than 10, but i remembered it all this time.

Mrs. Hall said...

Slyde: Hmmmmmm . . . .

I am tempted to give you 3 points because your anecdote was germane to the film but wasn't necessarily personal.

Then I was wondering, perhaps if you explained why you think Mike Douglas spot made such an impression...

But then, it hit me. Why would Loretta Lynn's appearance make such an impression on a 10 year old boy?

Because she is Loretta Lynn.

And this proves what a force of her music really is.

THUS-you get five points!


Mrs. Hall

Steph said...

Crap. It thought it was going to be a song. But I was close! I thought it might be "Pregnant Again" by Loretta Lynn, but I didn't seriously think anyone knew that song but me.

Steph said...

Nettl always quotes this line to me when I'm grumpy: "Ya sound like an old bear or somethun!"

Heff said...

I liked the movie because "The more bologna she'd eat, the hornier she'd get", lol !

Slyde said...

5 pts? woot! i'll take it!

Mrs. Hall said...

Steph gets five points for relating a personal reference to the meterial.


Mrs. Hall

Steph said...


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