Monday, September 8, 2008

Conspiracy theories: Are Mrs. Hall and Mrs. Palin the same woman?

There are a few conspiracy theories about Mrs. Palin. It is getting creepy out there.

First off, I must get relate the personally related creepy. There are several things Mrs. Palin and I have in common. I am not talking about the things I discussed here. Rather, I am talking about names, dates and life coincidences.

Not the common names, like Sarah, but the more unique names in her life. Seriously, I will read something about her or her family, then the next day, names from that story will appear on buildings I go to everyday. Or a school I went to, or my aunt went to, or my best friends car's license plate will match up with Sarah's best friend's birth date. Stuff like that. Note I said like, not actual.

But that is not all. Dates in her life correspond to exact dates in my life. Every day something else matches up. It is very creepy. Maybe I lead a double life and I don't know it. But that would suck if that was my super hero power. Really, can't I just fly?

The other conspiracy on the web is, Who is Trig's real Mom? Go google it, it is out there.

Anywho-Trig is her tiny baby of four months. Some say Trig is not her baby, but her daughter's. I am not sure why the family would lie about the maternity. I read through the websites because it sounds all conspiracy and fun. Again, politics is fun for me. MOST things are fun for me.

The sites use two types of evidence for the conspiracy theory of Trig not Mrs. Palin's kid. The first is photos. The sites use a lot of photos during her pregnancy. They show her not really showing. Which is fine, she is a runner.

However, there comes a point, runner or no, where the baby bump becomes screamingly obvious. This would be around 5-6 months. No such bump is evident in any of her photos. So I examined the jaw line, that always plumps up. Her jaw line..hmm.....

The sites always use a timeline to support the conspiracy. They walk through her labor and crunch the numbers. Especially the timeline of the birth.

Here is what kills me. Kills me for personally repeatable reasons. When she was in 8.5 months pregnant, she was in Texas. She went into labor somewhere in Texas, again 8.5 months pregnant. She gave a speech, got on a plane, flew to Alaska. She said something like, "They let me fly because I wasn't really showing."

Ok-so here is me, with Little Mac inside. I was about 8.5 months preggos. Now, I had only gained about 30lbs at that point.


This photo was taken in South America. The company that my husband works for gave their employees a free trip. And I went. And I was this big.

I'm just saying. I was undeniably pregnant. "Not really showing" my ass! Whateva!

Yay, yay, I know. I thought about the risks. But, the worst thing that could have happened is me going into labor in a very modern city in South America. They spoke English there, they used American dollars. And I was not worried. Giving birth is not open heart surgery. I am sure people have given birth in that country before. And a free trip is a FREE TRIP!


As we were boarding our flight home, I began to have contractions.

So true.

So weird.

So true.

Also, on a pure vanity point. I feel I must have you click here, to see what I looked like a few weeks ago. I am proud that I am healthy. And vain. So sue me. Plus the Pack won last night. GO PACK GO!!

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B.E. Earl said...

Yeah, but how do you feel about abstinence only, teaching creationism in public schools and banning books?

Just kidding...I don't really want to know.

Mrs. Hall said...

Earl: If you had read the FIRST post on Mrs. Palin you would know!

Thanks for writing in.

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