Saturday, September 27, 2008

Time for booze

Basically, if you look in or for job listings it goes like this:

Registered Nurse: 100,000,000,0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 (in the united states)

Nurse Practitioner (primary care or family care):

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner:

I am a specialist. A niche if you will. Limits the job options. But, I am getting better responses to my resume now that I am certified and am this close to getting my state license to prescribe.

My interview went fabulous. I always interview well. I am articulate, skilled and most of all, they need a prescriber. I can and will prescribe psychotropic medications and be responsible for everything those medications do the patient. I carry this weight, but it is not heavy. I know what kind of nurse I am and presented myself as such. And again, they need me.

So I took advantage of this. I didn't do all that I normally do for an interview. No spray tan, no knee high, black leather boots with the three inch heels. No perfect hair, no perfect portfolio. Just my favorite summer dress, painted toes and a folder with my info.

No prepared answers, no corporate energies. Just me, laying out who I am, what I can do for patients. How I feel about being a nurse. They guy kept nodding and saying 'right, right' and 'that is so true'. I was preaching to the choir.

I will have more interviews to go. These places all need me. I am using this to my advantage. If they need me I can ask for things. Like ending my day at 3.00 pm in order to pick up the girl at school.

I will still have to move my family. But where I am going to move will be SO MUCH BETTER THAN THE NASCAR BACKWOODS place we were going to move to. This time, moving will be easier. Again, I am not a speciality offered in my city.

Notice I didn't say not needed. But, health care is a business. Don't get me started.

I must say though, the interview was one of the best I have been on. I felt good, like I was being heard. I have been on interviews for registered nursing jobs many times. Because of the nursing shortage, you just need to be a warm body and they will hire you. They don't hear your skill or your passion.

But interviewing as a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner is a whole different ball game. I am not there because I am a warm body. I gots mad skills. I should, after all I have worked effing hard.

The interview went on for about two hours of us just talking. Finally, I had to cut it off. This place shares my passions. hmm ...

I would get an office. My own office where I could turn on the radio! And see people who were not court ordered. People who actually want my help. No more doing care while making sure roaches weren't climbing into my backpack. The clinic was so clean. Very weird.

It's sometimes really hard to think about my dreams coming true. This, just like the wee ones in my life, mean the world to me. And the weight of it is sometimes a little too much to take.

There is a certain responsibility to winning the lottery. I can't say I am not a little terrified. I am actually becoming a grown up. Or at least faking it really well.

Ok-off to collect myself, breath deep and drive the three hours back home.

What was the best or worst interview you went on?


Mrs. Hall

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GeologyJoe said...

'worst stories' are so much better.
I was in high school and needed a summer job. a local retail place was hiring. looking back it was clear that she only needed bodies to work. as the womam sat there asking me q's she continually sucked on a marllboro light and telling me what my job would be. Fold the pants, stack the pants, sell the pants.

im giving you the short version as we are still at the hospital and I only have my ipac to post from, but it was a horrible interview for a horrible job. there is probably some connection there to think about.

got to run, merconium to wipe up. woohoo.

Anonymous said...

Best- the residential support person with the ID patients. I felt like I was about to make a difference in someone's life.

Worst- responded to an ad in the paper about people needed to travel around the county. Turns out it was a typo, and it was people to travel around the country. It was one of those newspaper sales teams that was on 20/20 for attracting kids, working them to death, and starving them when they didn't sell any subscriptions. I wasn't there 3 minutes, realized what was really up, and cut out!

Anonymous said...
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Mrs. Hall said...


Lather the tush with diaper cream (desitin or vaseline or whatever brand they have at the hospital)

Lather often and always.

That meconium is like glue! (as you already know! The diaper cream or vaseline will act a barrier so the meconium fails to get it's kung fu grip on the delicate tushy skin!!


Hope that helps


Mrs. Hall (mother of two)

Mrs. Hall said...

Whoever commented after Geology Joe.... I don't recall deleting it, so if you want to comment again, have at it!!


Mrs. Hall

Nurse Practitioners Save Lives said...

I am a Family Nurse Practitioner in a small rural town and feel that I could probably open my own psych practice. It's unfortunate regarding the amount to help that is needed but isn't being given. I have to practically beg patients to take the right meds that will make their lives better all the while explaining why Xanax and Ativan are not the only answers. I'm glad that you got a great feeling during your interview. I did as well and I'm in hog heaven!

Anonymous said...

Hey there, Mrs...I mistakenly published my comment twice, so I am the comment deleter.

I am impatient, and it was taking sooo long. I'll try harder next time :)

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