Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Never saw it coming.

Things I never saw coming:

1. That my post on the frosty fan would bring forth so many comments.


No, really! I thought he was just one of those asexual people.

3. That the girls next door would ever be in peril.

4. That my job offer would fall through.

I had signed a contract to work as a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner on July 15th 2008. The contract was through a contracting agency. They worked with the health care organization I was going to work for. So, I signed a contract with an agency to work for the health care organization who needed a Psych NP.

Ya'll following? I need to shorten this story in order to explain it to the many people who will ask me what happened. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

And on July 15th I signed said contract. There were conditions. I had to pass my certification exam. Did that. But then things were stalled for so long. I should have known something was up. After all, it is more than two months later, and I am still not working there. And I never did get a start date.

I found out why yesterday. In addition to my certification, I needed experience. I am a brand-spanking new Psyche-NP. I have only clinical rotation/intern experience. The health care organization had assured my contracting agency, in writing, that my clinical rotation experience would count.

Turns out, that was wrong. So whomever was at the helm never could have offered me the job in the first place.

And we have been packing and planning to move The Family Hall two hours away for two months. And waiting on pins and needles. Just waiting. A three minute phone call changed everything.

Which is ok I guess. I am still in shock though. I am surprisingly ok with it. I am not really freaking out. Although I am sure that is coming. Denial is not just a river in . . .

Overall, I feel relief. I can now be vigilant and lioness as I stalk my new prey. I mean job. I am an awesome nurse. Even better Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner.


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Steph said...

I'm really sorry to read this. There seems to be a lot of shyte going around lately. Hope it passes soon!

An A-sexual male? Do you think that exists? ;^)

Anonymous said...

About #1- global warming isn't isn't pleasant so far, and most of us southerners are frying our arses off. The idea of your frosty fan is very appealing, trust me! I will happily test drive any prototypes for you...
#2- asexual, you crack me up! I personally had to pick myself up off the floor from the shock. I mean, who would've thunk it? He's such a man's man!! And why in the hell is that front page news?
#3- What is the world coming to? Bunnies wanting to hump like rabbits...
#4- I am sorry about the position. I made this list to make you smile.
I know how it feels to have your plans change at the drop of the hat. It sucks, especially when you are looking forward to it for so long.
Have I told you about our 'fastest move to Georgia and back ever'? It was July 24th this year.
We left out from Ky at 7pm, arived at the house in Savannah at 6am, to find we had been scammed and that the house was a 70s/early 80doublewide in a trailer park. We located a storage unit, then unloaded all our possessions into it, turned in the Uhaul, put me, the husband, the son, & all three dogs in our car, and drove back to Ky. We were back by 10pm, 27 hours after we left.
We can laugh about it now, of course....We even refer to our going away party pictures as our Going Away/Welcome Home Party.

I can't believe that no one caught the mix-up for two months!
You get back out there and kick the world of psychiatric nurse practioning's ass, girl!! It's their loss...

B.E. Earl said...

Sorry about that job offer.

I thought Clay Aiken was asexual too. And even thinking that he might be gay, I never thought he would admit it. It's gotta be hard pretending to be someone else for all that time.

Mrs. Hall said...

Steph: Yes, there is something going around. But, I am a believer that things happen for a reason and that ultimately I am not really in charge. So I am finding all sorts of goodness about this news.

I had thought Mr. Hall was sort of asexual for a while. He was a very nice guy when we first met. I didn't really think he was that, um in tune with things. But then he turned his attention to me. Amazing what happens when you unlock certain energies ;)

Gypsy girl: This is why I am enjoying getting to know you! Let's cheer each other with sillly jokes when the going gets tough! Let's hunt for the silver lining!!

Earl: I knew something was afoot in his 'presentation' of who he was. I think having a kid inspired him to finally embrace the real him. Tough business indeed, the hiding. Good for him coming clean to be a better Dad!


Mrs. Hall

lotus07 said...

It sounds as thought Boat Anchor has a relative in the contracting agency. This sounds like something he would do.

Slyde said...

im very sorry to hear about the job craziness. i've been strung along once or twice waiting for a prospective employer to finalize what theys already promised, only to have it fall thru.

its a shitty feeling. Congrats for not letting it get to you.

p.s. Clay Aiken is gay? WOO HOO! i have a chance!

Mrs. Hall said...

Lotus: Yes, the boat anchor was definately in charge here. grrr...

Slyde: I know it's cliche, but things are looking up now that I am freer. I honestly think this was for the best.

O-good luck with Mr. Aiken


Mrs. Hall

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