Tuesday, September 30, 2008

More Contagiousness

Again with the contagiousness.

To read part two of losing it click here.

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Anonymous said...

What contagiousness?

Are you okay? Well, I should define okay, I guess, huh?

I haven't spoken to my dad and his wife (aka my stepmonster) since Brooklyn died 4 years ago and she informed me that she wasn't a REAL baby and that God took care of something that wasn't right. (which leads me to ponder how she slipped thru the cracks)

There is no pain like that of the wounds inflicted by the ones who are contractually obligated to love and protect us.

Also, about our weird twin thingey... my hair is naturally curly when I don't straighten it.

Spooky, huh?

Hang in there...
(I won't be on for a few days, but I will check in as soon as I log back on)

Mrs. Hall said...

Ok-that woman definitely deserves the Step-Monster moniker.

Thankfully you are battling it with humor.

After all, monsters get a lot smaller when you mock them!

I am not entirely convinced I have to love someone just because their name is mom or dad. hmm...


If you click on the label "posted on both blogs" you will find out what I mean by contagious.

Have a good vacation or whatever!


Mrs. Hall

lotus07 said...

wow....after reading through parts one and two, there are almost more questions than answers, which isn't a bad thing. Life in general has more questions than answers.

We all fall somwhere between Paris Hilton skinny and to much 'junk'. Society does not help by enforcing unrealistic stereotypes of or giving us peers / parents that are not supportive. I have seen this same scenerio several times over.

It is a hard thing to see through all the propaganda and peer pressure to what we really want as individuals. Even harder still to focus on it and move toward it. I suppose if it were easy, we would all be well adjusted and happy.....and then we wouldn't have anything to blog about.

Keep up the good fight. It is YOUR life.

Mrs. Hall said...


Ya know, if you have any questions you can ask them. I will do my best to answer.

After all, I am sitting right here.

But-there are about 5 more parts to this journal I kept while I was losing weight.

Truth be told, it is my 'homework' from my counselor I saw while losing the weight.

Also, I hadn't written anything for 10 years prior to this journal.

And after I wrote this journal, I started this blog.

Mrs. Hall

Slyde said...

the rules that society puts on young girls today and how they should look is really harsh.. i see it every day in my 2 neices who i help raise, and their friends...

Anonymous said...

I read both posts and I wasn't sure about whether the contagiousness was how the perception of cool (skinny) spreads or how what isn't accepted (fat) spreads. Or how it seeps into your life and your definition no matter which side of the fence you happen to be on.

Yeah, I agree with that about the parents, when I read your posts I was thinking that it isn't fair when our parents hurt us, they are the ones contractually obligated to love us. I can't imagine hurting Memphis because he doesn't fit any idea I may have of what he should be.
That's why I shared about my father and step-monster... I couldn't believe that my dad could allow someone to hurt his child so completely.

I couldn't believe that your parents were inflicting a similar pain on you...

Mrs. Hall said...


I think you give me too much credit. The name 'contagious' is because my writing is spreading to other sites. Get it, contagious?

And I hope not to confuse anybody with these journals. Basically I started to to feel really uneasy as lost weight. Now, I started out at 170 lbs. Very unhealthy for me.

Then we must ask, why did you feel emotional wrought as you lost the weight Mrs. Hall?

I mean, don't people feel good as they lose weight?

Well, that was the problem for me. I losing weight caused me to look at issues I had long since buried.

Hope that helps clear things up.

I try to communicate clearly, but as a writer sometimes my words get in the way.

O-and sometimes it sucks having things in common.


Mrs. Hall

Anonymous said...

I miss the forest for the trees most of the time... now that I read it again, I see!

And losing the weight for you, was like having to peel the layers from the onion?? Sometimes it's really surprising to see how many there really are.

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