Saturday, September 20, 2008

Potter's Ground: Round Two

Potter's Ground: Round Two

Time again has come for Potter's Ground.
This months theme is "Hillbilly music".

To goal is to guess the musical reference. The first person who guesses correctly gets ten points. If you aren't that person, you can still gather points (up to five) by telling me about a personal connection to the music.

For a complete description of the game click here.

Let's begin:

He was born in Arkansas. In his autobiography, he talked about his family claiming a stake of land to grow cotton. His Dad used dynamite to clear the land of trees. All the town worked in the cotton fields, all ages too. Even the young ones carried water to the fields. Everyone's hands were scraped and scarred form picking the cotton, even the girls. But, it was no matter.

The biggest danger was the floods. He wrote a song about it.

Goes like this:

'My mama always taught me that good things come from adversity if we put our faith in the Lord.We couldn't see much good in the flood waters when they were causing us to have to leave home, But when the water went down, we found that it had washed a load of rich black bottom dirt across our land. The following year we had the best cotton crop we'd ever had.

I remember hearing:

How high's the water, mama?
Two feet high and risin'
How high's the water, papa
Two feet high and risin'

It's already guessed, but you can still get 5 points by telling me why this song/artist means something to you.

Should be pretty obvious, but if no, they I will post more clues.

Good luck and place nice!

More Potter's Ground next Monday.

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B.E. Earl said...

That would be Mr. Johnny Cash

"Five Feet High and Rising"

Mrs. Hall said...

Congrats Earl!

He gets the first 10.

Who's next?

Remember you can still get up to five points by telling me about how the man in black has effected your life.

For example, I have read his autobiography twice now. And I have never read anything twice. If that is what his autobiography means to me, imagine what his music means.

But I don't need points because I am the game master!!


Mrs. Hall

B.E. Earl said...

I don't need the points, but I will tell you my favorite quote about the man in black.

Snoop Dogg, many years ago, was talking about Johnny Cash. He summed it up with four words.

"He's a baaaaad motherfucker!"

Heff said...

Damn it. This is what I get for stopping by late.

Oh well, for my 5 points - the song meant nothing to me because I hate hillbilly music, lol.

Mrs. Hall said...

Earl: Yes, Johnny Cash is well known and loved in the hip-hop circles!

In fact, I will be using Johnny Cash as a bridge for next month's theme--Hip-Hop!

Heff: No, you don't get points if you hate the music.

You can still get points if you say, "While I am not a fan of ****, I favor this other type of music, or artist, because . . "

Again, no points for not playing nice!

But, thanks for stopping by all the same.


Mrs. Hall

Anonymous said...

Oh man, what does the man in black mean to me?

My granddaddy used to sing his songs to me, and now that he's gone,my husband sings me his songs whenever we are sitting in the dark. We sing Time's A Wastin while we're driving down the road, and he always sings it just like he thinks Johnny would've if that other fella hadn't beat him to it. And I think he does Johnny proud. I love it...

And our son loves singing Johnny with him too. His favorite is Folsom...

Thanks for your comments on my blog, I've enjoyed reading yours too!!

Mrs. Hall said...

That Gypsy Girl: For you my dear, for sharing three generations of stories that involved the man in black, for having such a wonderful blog, for sharing such similiar sensibilities as me, for being such a gypsy girl:

You get 10 points!

Seriously, I think our blogs could be sisters of sort.


Mrs. Hall

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you think so too!!!
The more I read, the more I am convinced that we have some cosmic-connection.
Guess what else? I've finally (amidst all the delays you read about) got all my pre-req's finished and am applying to nursing school next year!
Small world, indeed.

Anonymous said...



Did you read 'Cash: The Autobiography'? cause I just read that one last summer. I think he wrote four?

And thanks for the advice on sorting thru it all, when the dust settles, I plan on doing just that...

Slyde said...

dammit! and i KNEW this one too!

thats what i get for actually working yesterday and not checking up with my weekend blogs...

lotus07 said...

I actually knew this one. The man in black, Johnny Cash.

The only reason I know this, is because my wife had his greatest hits album stuck in a closet. While cleaning the house, I before throwing it away, I digitized the whole thing into MP3 format. It is now on the iTunes playlist on our home entertainment system and I get to hear this sone about 4 times a month on random rotation.

I used to live in the midwest. Floods are like the tides, you get used to them, and they have there good and bad points.

Mrs. Hall said...

Gypsy Girl: YES! I did read his autobiography. And YES! it is so wierd the connections between our blogs. and CONGRADULATIONS! on going to nursing school. You will be an assest to the profession. If you need any help during the process feel free to drop me a line.

Mrs. Hall said...

Lotus 07: You get five points for not throwing the Johnny Cash away and sharing a bit of personal connection. You can prol'l get more if you let us know how it makes you feel. Or if you have been through a flood and tell us how your survived. . .

Slyde: Sorry, no points. Guess you will have to check things a little sooner next time. But, you can still get points . . . .

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