Monday, September 29, 2008

Potter's Ground: September's winner

More on Johnny Cash after the proclamation of the winner


We have a winner for the first round of Potter's Ground (drum roll)

Bug Eyed Earl

He has a very interesting blog. I am not sure why I like it. At first, I found the blinking eyes a bit disconcerting. It certainly weeds out the weak readers I suppose. The avatar is from my favorite newspaper, The Onion-AV Club section.

Or perhaps I like his blog because B. E. Earl is a bit of a guy's guy. No fruity filler. Perhaps I just like his blog because I do. He never fails to disappoint. But he didn't win because I like his blog, he won this month because he is quick on the draw and very smart. To claim your prize Mr. B. E. Earl, email me at


What do I say about Johnny Cash?

His music can snatch me right out of my head any time it is played. My thoughts drop right to the floor when his music starts.

His autobiography is a surrogate father and grandfather to me.

His music began to heal my relationship with God.

That is what I say about Johnny Cash.

What do I say about June?

This is what I say about June:

And if you want none of this, then listen here. Here you will hear both the title of the game and my daughter's real name.

It's called "When the Man Comes Around"

I wonder who this man is.

Well played everyone, new game starts next week.

7 Left a message at the beep:

B.E. Earl said...

Aw shucks!

A lot of filmmakers have recently come to realize the awesome power of the words and music of Johnny Cash for use in their films.

A forgettable flm called "The Hunted" starring Tommy Lee Jones and Benicio Del Toro uses a Cash's cover of Dylan's 'Highway 61 Revisted" in the opening and closing credits. It's so powerful, that it is the one thing you take away from the film. "God said to Abraham...kill me a son!" Chilling.

The season finale of "The Sarah Connor Chronicles" last year ended with a montage set to the last song you mentioned up there. 'When the Man Comes Around'. It was perfect!

Anonymous said...

Aaaccckkk..Always the last girl in....

Congrats to Earl!!

Guess what I was doing tonite? My son fell & bit his tongue deeply, right in the middle, and appeared in the doorway bleeding PROFUSELY. He looked like some little vampire with all that blood gushing from his mouth. He started to freak out and I told him that if he stayed calm, his heart wouldn't beat harder and it wouldn't push the blood out faster. Surprisingly, this made perfect sense to him, and he just went all Buddhist Monk on me, and entered THE ZONE...We got to stop by an ambulance substation to get checked out by paramedics (I thought it needed stitched, but until graduation it is still just my humble non-professional opinion) They thought it needed stiches, but after 3 hours in the waiting room, a clearly exhausted ER doc told us that he COULD stitch it, but that he would have to put Memphis under. He left it up to us. He thinks it will heal just fine on it's own, but gave us some antibiotics just in case. I won't fill them, unless he starts showing signs of infection, any raise in temp, any discharge, etc. I'd like to give his body the chance to heal on its own.
Memphis has had this habit since being a toddler of sticking out his tongue all the time when he is making mischief and tonite it didn't work out too well for him.
There were people in the ER who had been there 5 hours! We knew this was coming! You can see him doing the tongue thing in one of the pictures from my day with Shiny that I linked to. He has the football and is running, click the picture and you can see where his top teeth are, is where my son now has a nice purty little indention. It's really disgusting, I can't even lie about it...

lotus07 said...

I think Earl cheats...I want Price / Waterhouse to look into the voting for any irregularities

Slyde said...

i am uncomfortable reading any blog where Earl is praised so highly. Please stop that.

Mrs. Hall said...

Gypsy Girl:


Very cool of you to chill your son out with mere words. Very Zen like of you!

I hope his tongue is ok. He should heal up pretty quick. I don't think I would have pressed for stitches either. There are lot of risks for a nine year old "under".

Good call on the not starting antibiotics either. No need unless he gets all infected.

Well, thousands of kids get there tongue pierced every day, and they turn out allright.

Still scars the parents though.


Hope things get better.

Keep me updated!!


Mrs. Hall

Mrs. Hall said...

Lotus07 and Slyde:

I think I am going to do something different next time as far as the scoring. Something more involving strategy..

After all, I want to reward more than just a quick draw.


Mrs. Hall

B.E. Earl said...

Slyde and Lotus are just jealous of my intellect, wit and raw sexuality.

It's a burden I've had to live with all my life.

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