Tuesday, September 8, 2009

We're already in outer space

On the way back from closing on (and thus officially selling) our house, we stopped at a truck stop restaurant. There was a larger than life size mural of a space ship orbiting the earth.

The sandwiches were ok. I had a tuna melt. Mac had the pickle. He tried to tear it in half to share with his sister. She didn't ask him to, he was sharing spontaneously.

Then Pancake took it and cut it in half, giving half of it back to Mac. They did this very quietly. No real talking, they just did this automatically.

And oh my goodness, my heart swelled with pride and I got all googley moogley with Mommy goodness.

It was out of this world . . . :)

And yeah. Sold the house. Will buy the next on in 26 days . . . . :)

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Joanna Jenkins said...

Congrats on the house.
LOVE the pickle sharing :-))))

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