Monday, September 14, 2009

I'm looking forward to the big boobies

I am a woman who takes matters into her own hands.

This is especially true when getting pregnant.

Mr. Hall and I will try for our third child soon. To start trying I need to stop my birth control. Which causes some complications. My birth control is a mirena IUD. That being said, before I got pregnant with my son, I made an appointment to have the previous IUD taken out.

Which placed my matters into someone else's hands.

Which really, this was no good. I mean, the appointment went fine. But, deciding to get pregnant is a crazy lust filled crazy oh my god I love yes yes yes yes I wanna have more babies with you type moment.

I don't want no stinkin' doctor involved. And I don’t need no stickin' doctor!!


A nurse practitioner even.

All schooled in the arts of self care and womanly empowerment!!

So. Then.

Last night we made it possible for me to become with child.

My womb is about to go crazy with all the re regulating and preparing for the getting pregnant again.

We weren't phased until this morning.

We looked at each other after we woke up.

Our eyes met and we raised our eyebrows.

There is a large difference between talking about getting pregnant again and then actually doing it.

hee hee hee

I can say this without any doubt, I am soo looking forward to my boobs getting bigger. I miss being a d cup.

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Cam said...

Yes, yes...the look. The 'Are you ready, cause I'm totally ready, unless you're not ready and in that case, I'm don't have to be ready either, but really I am totally ready if you are' Look.

Kudos to the Ds, Mrs...
That is a definite perk.


If we also are blessed, does that mean you can fly your nursing self down here and deliver mine at home? Cause I'm not digging the hospital routine. Doesn't feel very safe there according to muh brain.

And, I mean, I think it's totally acceptable. "Hi, Mrs! So glad to finally meet you in person, now will you catch this tiny little person making its way out of my crotch? Thanks so much!!"


Well, it was just a thought...

(Congrats to the growing Tribe Called Hall!)

Mrs. Hall said...

We exchanged the look this morning too. :)

Yeah. hospitals.

I think it is a matter of expectation and self determination.

I mean, i have had one birth where I had little or no say and one birth where everyone was crazy mad about making sure Mac was going to be born vbac. And they did everything in support of me, my husband and the pre-born wee mac.

and oh... it rocked!!

so. write it out. what you want the experience to be! write about how awesome the doctor/nurses/midwife are going to be.

and it shall be oh yes, it shall be!!!!


Kimberly said...

Good grief - two wasn't enough? Just kidding - good luck!

Word veri - cants

Mrs. Hall said...

Kimberly: Yeah, see. Left to my own devices I would have 18 children right now. :)

but, we take each child one at a time. at the right time ;)


Verdant Earl said...

I always look forward to big boobies.

But that wasn't the point of your post, was it? ;)

Mrs. Hall said...

well, maybe, maybe not. I mean.

it's all so crazy. but, one of the first signs of the happy happy baby baby is the gigantic boobins.
which is so very very awesome :) so yeah. it's all about the up top!

Heff said...

Not that I have ANYTHING against big hooters, but why in the HELL would anyone want to bring another child in to this F'd up world, especially when they already have two ?

Mrs. Hall said...

Dude. don't be coming in here all hater. All harshing my mellow!!!


GiGi said...

Yep, I am nursing #3 right now - and I am looking nice and curvy. I love it, and I will miss 'the girls' when they're gone...good luck with the baby-making....practice, practice. ;) BTW, I had an IUD between my 2nd & 3rd pregnancy - it only took 1 month to get pregnant...!!! Wishing you the same luck.

Anonymous said...

Hell I have never seen your boobs and I can't wait for them to be a "D" but I'll take them as they are in the mean time. ha

The Dental Maven said...

May the force be with you. (and enjoy!)

Mrs. Hall said...

Hello GiGi! Welcome to La Blog De Senora Hall, i hope you have enjoyed your stay :)

And sadly, yess, the d cup does not last, it is but a fleeting bustiness :) hee hee

BamaTrav: Well, thanks for stopping by.

Dentista! Hello there! I promise to floss more I promise :)

GeologyJoe said...

good luck Halls,
boobs and all.

Anonymous said...

Jesus people! Can we finalize the housing crisis first!?


Mrs. Hall said...

Geo-Joe: Thank ya :)

Wil: oh yea of little faith. Simmer down! It'll be a while before we really start trying. The body must 'adjust' first.

simmer... simmer ...

glad to see ya back though :)

Slyde said...

im jealous..

i would love another wee-one..

Bruce Johnson said...

Whew....for a minute there, I thought you were going for breast implants......glad to hear you are taking the pregnancy route instead.

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