Saturday, September 19, 2009

Tearing the roof off this thing

Hello all. The house we were going to buy, it has issues with the roof. Which the inspector found and then we had roofers take a look. That happened last week.

The issues with the roof are that it was built wrong. And that is why it is sinking in. We just thought it was a bit uneven in places. The best way fix the roof is to tear it off and start again. But, again, this is not our house. It's now up to the seller and how badly they want to sell it.

Either way, looks like I won't be moving as fast as can be expected.



On a much better note, my car has surround sound speakers. They are jammin'!

And this song right here, it sounds so awesome comming out of multiple speakers!!!

Rock on my people, rock on!!!

(the song starts about 20 seconds in ;)

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The Savage said...

My first comment on your blog and all I have to say is that this is my first comment on your blog....

Kimberly said...

Hey Mr. DJ - roofs are overrated.

Word veri = sesse

Mrs. Holly Hall said...

Savage: Well, welcome! Feel free to comment that you commented the second time too!

Kimberly: Yes, they are! Well, there maybe be some other types of fixin in store :)

OOH i get it-you are tellingme what word verication word is happening.

sesse . . . nice!

Joanna Jenkins said...

@#$%%^& on the roof. I have my fingers crossed it gets worked out quickly.

Bruce said...

Roofs and termites are a bit sticking point. Better to move on than to settle on this one.

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