Thursday, September 30, 2010

The TV. the boob tube and whatnot

So, I've been thinking about TV lately. Everyone blogger is doing their rundown of what they watch and doing reviews. So hear's mine:

True Blood: A bit much but I'm commited to the end. All because Jason Stackhouse said, "It really hurts down there. It's like when my uncle had gout, I've got gout of the dick!"

Mad Men:

Need I say more?

THAT'S IT! I don't care anymore about anything else. And when these shows run out, I'm done. I don't have cable any more. And I only have about an hour and half after the kids go to bed to do what I want to do. Which is often taken up by bible study, cross stitch, yoga, marital time with Mr. Hall or reading.

I'm exhausted at the end of the hour and a half. So no, TV can suck it. It' my hour and half. I give it only to those that are worthy.

And that's all I got to say about that!

3 Left a message at the beep:

Grant said...

I just finished watching Firefly.

Mrs. Hall said...

it's not gonna happen Grant.



Bruce said...

I can sort of see where Bible Study and watching True Blood / MadMen might be opposition to each other.

But I am with you. The wife and I disconnected cable and we rarely watch TV except for MadMen and the Amazing Race at this point.

We don't miss it. Life is too short to stare at a glowing panel for 12 hours a day.

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