Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fall brings anew

I didn't quite expect to be this way today. Well, this way the past week. But after I got dipped, and after multiple women's bible study nights and consistent church going, I feel a fundamental change happening. A change in me.

It's subtle, but it's there. It's all for the good though. I feel calmer, closer to the earth. There is less verbiage bouncing in my brain and I am here again.

It's affecting how I take in though. Like the shows I watch, the stripper stories from coworkers. All if it is affected. I've managed to play both sides for a while now, the angel and the devil. But the ugly is much less fun now. Less cheeky.

I feel like I'm leaving chunks of me behind. The chunks that were not really fun anyway. It's so weird all this changing. I should have known though. One can't get dipped and remain the same.

So, bare with me was I begin anew.

Thank you for letting me ramble on. :)

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Cam said...

Did nobody comment on this?

Congrats on your dipping, Mrs. I know it is a truly trans-formative process. Very emotional...

I can't watch that river dipping scene in O'Brother without crying every single time!

Change is a good thing...we're all in constant forward motion anyway, right?

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