Sunday, September 12, 2010

This only one Mrs. Hall, number one wife!

I'm reading my second book this week about polygamy. This one is fascinating. The woman up there, she chose that life. She had other options, really, really good options. But she choose to be a second wife. She's an older, well spoken and funny woman. This book cracks me up half the time. Which really, you won't expect with that title up there.

It's really fascinating, polygamous marriage. The whole concept being if a man married seven women, and they had many babies, they would go to heaven and get their own planet and he would become a God. The wives would become Goddesses on these planets. The single and barren women of the community would be angels, serving the different planets. This is called 'the principle' or celestial marriage.

However, while on earth, the sister wives have a much different go of it. I think I enjoy the romantic ideal of sister wives. A community of women tending to their houses together. I've never had a sister or community of Mommies to live nearby. No one teaches me how to bake bread or sew quilts! Where do I go for advice on diaper rash or naughty two year old tantrums?? I go to Google!! GAAAH!!! Where's my sister wives???!!!

But, their reality is much, much different. It's a pastoral life, all isolated and hard work. The poverty is bone crushing. Sometimes the sister wives are crazy and not at all friendly. The wives' role are bound to planting and harvesting crops, sewing their own clothes, making the meals, tending the children and keeping a clean house.

And constantly being pregnant.

Which is what the sex is for. It's the only reason for the sex. Because the more kids, the more you populate your planet in heaven.

And did I mention the fifty kids? Piles and Piles of them. As a results of all this, most plural wives die before they're fifty. At this point I remember I love my life and move on.

Because, really, I would never want to share Mr. Hall. He looks at me with crazy love. I am number one wife. And no, even if we got our own planet in Heaven, I wouldn't want to share him with six women and have our collective fifty kids running around the house. Seriously. Plus, I don't like really like baking.

There is only one Mrs. Hall, and this is the way it will always be.

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Slyde said...

you would think that the idea of polygamy would appeal more to horny old me, but it doesnt.

Mind you, im more than ok with the idea of threesomes and orgies, but having ANOTHER actual WIFE?

where's the fun in that?

Mrs. Hall said...

yeah. I only want one wife. SERIOUSLY!

Bruce said...

I am sure I must have mentioned if the HBO a series of Big Love by now. If you haven't started watching it I would highly recommend it, if you like this type of book. It goes into the social a dynamic of a polygamous communicate community, in-depth. If you like a MadMen that you would love Big Love.

Speaking of which, you should really enjoy the upcoming episode of MadMen. Draper goes all introspective and a self searching with regard to his personal life.

Mrs. Hall said...


and yes, i've read up on Mad Men.

it does sound intriquing. actually hearing the man speak. ;)

Heff said...

I'm with Slyde on this one.

Just IMAGINE the bills for all those shoes, purses, and manicures.....Gahhhhhh !!!!!!

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