Friday, September 24, 2010

Madonna and Child paintings

I've always been a fan of "Madonna and Child" paintings. Madonna means Mary, Mother of Christ. Having been raised catholic, these types of paintings were found at my house and at church.

I still like the paintings, for the religious symbolism and for the fact that there is a mother and child in these paintings.

It can be a very powerful image indeed.

Have a good weekend all. :)

4 Left a message at the beep:

Heff said...

Why is she looking DIRECTLY IN TO MY EYES ??


white rabbit said...

The bottom one is good! ;)

I like them too but there can be limits. In the medieval section of the National Gallery in London are wonderful things. But so many Madonna and childs that last time I went I felt all Madonna and childed out.

Grant said...

That doesn't look like the Madonna I know. Where's the huge bleached hair and pointy steel bra cups?

Mrs. Hall said...

Heff: repent and be saved dude!

WR: yeah, moderation is best with this type of art.

Grant: I'm not talking to you quite yet. I was totally creeped out but the orange comment.

just saying-creepy comment.


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