Tuesday, September 14, 2010

last night 12 women laid hands on me

Last night, at my women's bible study group, we were studying The Book of Acts. At the end of the meeting, as is our want, we take prayer requests. We all take turns and ask the group to pray for us with something that we need. It was a lovely meeting with pastries and pleasantries. I was light hearted and smiley. Then it was my turn. I was going to cop out and say something about praying for more patience with my patients.

Instead, this came out:

"Well, maybe I should talk about what's really on my mind."

Then, I could barely choke out the rest. The rest being that in the prior six months I've had two miscarriages and we are trying again and I'm scared. Then I seriously lost it. Snot bubble cry. One of the women came behind me and started rubbing my back. Another ran and got a tissue. It just came out like a hurricane and then I lost the power to use my words. I COULDN'T USE MY WORDS.

Then one of the women said, "I want to do a healing ritual. Let's do a laying on of hands. Is that ok?" She looked at me. This particular women had hugged me in church the week prior. She's a hugger. I let her hug me.

I really didn't know what "laying on of hands" was, but I said yes. And that photo up there, that's kind of what happened. Only that's not me. But, that up there, that's what happened!

Then the hugger said the words I couldn't say, all wrapped up in prayer. "Please Lord, let her lay down all the hurt and pain from losing her babies, let her give all the pain to you. Let her heal Lord. Let her know your love. Let her feel your presence her now."

At that point I was kind of freaked out because well, do you see the photo up there? Then I made a conscious decision to deep breathe and let it all come.

The women went on, "Lord let her know she doesn't have to carry this, this is yours, let her lay it down, right here, let her feel your arms lifting her up. Let her feel the joy of making another child, of creating a miracle. Lift her up lord, right here. Let her feel the joy."

And did I mention one of the women started speaking in tongues? DID I??
Speaking in tongues was a freshly explained concept to me, just that night in fact. It's in the Book of Acts.

This went on for about 15 minutes. All the while these hands were laid on me. Some where gripping, some were lightly touching and some were just laying there. It was kind of crazy but I let go and let it all happen.

And I can say this. Today I feel absolutely fabulous. I am joy upon joy. Praise be indeed ;)

P.S. Maybe these are my sister wives in disguise no?

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Amber said...

I've been reading for a while, thanks to a shared post of yours in Google Reader by a friend. My husband & I are trying for children, too. So the post really touched my heart as I've been battling fear also.


I just got all excited when I read your post about speaking in tongues and studying the Book of Acts so I HAD to comment. The Book of Acts is where the New Testament OFFICIALLY started! Throughout the 30+ years of its history, it showed the message the Apostles preached to get people saved: repentance, death/burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We have to follow in God's (aka Jesus's) footsteps... so we repent of our sins... are baptized in JESUS' name for the remission of our sins (which is the death/burial part) (see Acts 2:38, Acts 4:12, and LOTS more... if you're interested, I'll email them to you... about the importance of being baptized in JESUS name... and yes, it does matter, according to the scriptures), then there is the resurrection... which is where we are filled with the Holy Ghost and speak in new tongues (tons of scriptures on that if you want those, too).

What a beautiful experience you had (even if it freaked you a little bit). It warmed my heart to read this... and I sincerely am hoping and praying that the healing circle helped you to lay down some of the weight you've been carrying.

Thank you for blogging so openly about all of this... even the painful parts. I appreciate it a lot as it really speaks to me... and just knowing I'm not alone in the quest for a baby... helps.

Looking forward to future posts!

Mrs. Hall said...

well hello Amber!


Thanks for commenting :)

Good luck on the baby ;)

Cam said...

I believe in the power of healing vibrations, and the power of touch, so yeah, this combines both of those, right?

I would stand right beside you, and place my hand on your shoulder, too, Mrs. And, I would send the love and peace right on through. Because you are a friend of mine, and this journey of yours is not one you walk alone...

Also, would literally meet you in Utah. You give the word, sister-wife. ;)

Bruce Johnson said...

this all sort of smacks of excorcism to me.....(but in a good way).

Sorry though...speaking in tongues just freaks me out.

Mrs. Hall said...

Cam: oh totally, we'd be all up in the sister wife clan. Then Mr. Hall and Berg could be brother husbands. only we'd just be a little colony, no sharesies! :)


Cam said...

Yes'm...I am quite accustomed to my Bergman...so, while we are sister-wives with brother-husbands, there will be shared duties, but no shared booties.


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