Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Tale of Two Go-Karts

So. A few years ago I went go-karting for the first time. I was with Mr. Hall. We were not married yet, just dating. I had never been go karting so I did my best to listen the announcer's directions. "The left side is the brake", they said. "If there is a spin out, stop." On and on... they went. I always listen to directions.

Little did I know I would be go-karting with 10 year boys who basically have a death wish and treat the track like bumper cars.

I was thrashed and bumped and worse. When I was done I went marching over to Mr. Hall, whining and crying. "I have such a headache! I need advil! I wanna go home!" Then I started really crying, hyperventilating, "THEY JUST DIDN'T STOP!!"

Mr. Hall laughed a little and said, "Aww... you're such a girl". Then he hugged me, which helped.

It took me years before I would go-karting again. Last year in fact. I went the last day in fall. It was misting out. It was just Me, Mr. Hall and Pancake. I went 3 miles and hour around the track and was healed a bit.


I figured out some tricks like, THERE IS NO NEED TO USE THE BRAKE! and The steering wheel is little SO YOU CAN TOTALLY CRANK ON IT AND WHIP AROUND THE TRACK!

Needless to say, I was kicking some serious ass! PASSED A BUNCH OF 10 YEAR OLD PUNKS! I even gave a love tap to another mom type person CAUSE SHE WAS IN MY WAY!


The best part, Pancake was next to me in the Kart. She was WOOO HOOOING!!! and doing satan fingers!!

So proud of her! SO PROUD!!

and remember... the N in FUN . . . .It stands for 'NO SURVIVORS!'

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GeologyJoe said...

well that sounded like a ton of fun. \m/\m/

keep it real HH.

Mrs. Hall said...


Heff said...

It's fun to kick ass, ain't it ?

Mrs. Hall said...

yes, yes it is!

Bruce said...

I guess this counts as mothering and parenting in the 21 century.....road rage and satan fingers in a 'family context'.

Slyde said...

thats awesome!

Mrs. Hall said...


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