Saturday, May 1, 2010

Bad mood rising

Yesterday Mac was a Crank and Spank most of the day.

My hope is that he didn't pick it up from me. Because I'm a little cranky.

I don't like having the kids alone. Mr. Hall served two tours in Iraq and I've done more then enough time as a faux single mom. He's been part of the military (national guard) for almost 20 years now. He has eight more months of these weekends left. One more two weeks. It was part of him before we met. But, soon he'll be retiring. We both feel it's time.

So today, I'm going to go places and keep them busy. Because busy keeps the cranky away. Because this day will not be like yesterday. Today is gonna be filled with kisses :)

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Mrs. Hall said...

for those trying to do the math, ehem, Mr. Hall will be forty next month.


James said...

Ha! You youngsters!

Mrs. Hall said...

James! tell me it's gonna be ok. I mean, you have six kids! GAAAH!!!

Hank said...


He's still adorable - even when he's squawking!

Mrs. Hall said...

Good to remember that Hank ;)


Ole Blue The Heretic said...

Yep...I have two nephews and spoil them then send them back home. That is not bad right?

When those two are cranky I wonder why my sister had kids.

Mrs. Hall said...

I think to put into perspective, the wee Mac is learning that no, the world does not revolve around him and no, he can and will be told what to do and no, he can't ignore it.

because being told no and being told what to do happens every day in life.

best to get use to these things I guess. even if it takes screaming and kicking. because I can withstand that.

after all, that's what Mom's do!

James said...

Yes, you got it, once they learn no is no things go a lot better all round. It is just a stage.
What I always remember is, if you can't control a child at 2, (or 5, or 11 for that matter) how are going to be able to get them to listen when they are 16 and rebellious? A spoilt kid is a monster.

Mrs. Hall said...

yes, a stage :)

and yes, we are in control, in Charge!

cause we're BIGGER!!!!


ok James, thanks for your input buddy!

Bruce said...

I think is says something about your parenting skills, that you turn around to take a picture of your cranky son in the car seat, so you can blog about it later.

When 'we' were younger, there were the obligatory photos in the family album of us buck naked in the bath. This generation will have to contend with the blogs that we wrote about them when they were infants (complete with imagery).

Mrs. Hall said...

O, I have a whole series of the kids throwing a fit. It's just the huge release of pent up crabby and frustration energies. So, sometimes we take photos. Because seriously, it can be really funny sometimes, and well, better laugh then cry ;)

white rabbit said...

I have just seen these. The first one is wonderful. How pissed off is that???

Mrs. Hall said...

OH yes WR! That was right after we finished grocery shopping. I had told him he was going to nap when we got home.

Explosion ensued! Mr. Hall took these with his cell phone camera!



kids are just so darn expressive!


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