Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Christians (a variety pack of)

It's important to have a sense of humor about things, especially religion. Now, let's bow our head and pray, shall we?

So. I've been to three separate churches in our town thus far. Sampling the Christian buffet as it were. The first one was nice. Awesome Sunday School. But, and I can't believe I'm saying this, I think it was too liberal.

There was a HUGE EMPHASIS on making sure that we knew Jesus was Arab and never spoke English. Which is true. There were political undertones to every sermon. HUGE political undertones. Which was fine. But I don't want to be part of a church that mixes politics with religion. I don't want every Sunday service to be a call to arms. Plus the choir was in the back. This bugged me.

Then we tried The Sticky Wicket Church. It was warmer and nice. We didn't try the Sunday school, though I've heard a lot of positive things about it. The music was plentiful, the colors were warm and it made me feel really good to go.

The sermons were a bit high brow. The pastor obviously had a PHD or some such. Intellectuals do not always make the best speakers. I felt the sermons go over my head as I lack basic knowledge of most bible stories. The music was good though.. It just didn't feel right though. Mr. Hall didn't pursue this church and so stopped going.

THEN, last Sunday . . . We went to a very modern church that had a Christian rock band on the stage. offt!!

I was really overwhelmed by the loud. I was all squirmy as I took in the bright, multicolored spot lights twirling about. I felt the drummer's drum thumping away in my chest it was so loud. And everyone sang for a good half an hour, raising their hands like this:

OH.MY.GAH. It's one of those churches people!! Everyone stands and sways.

I was there because I made friends with another mom who goes there. She had been going there for 10 years. Like me, she's a recovering Catholic. She runs the Sunday School. She and her husband are of the plain sort. Much like most of the population around her. They say things like Yah Der Hey and Super Duper. White bread and mayonnaise. They don't let their kids watch South Park or play Zombie killing games. But this Mom likes me and I find her really funny. So we make friends with them and I like that.

Pfft! I think Mr. Hall and I are starting to relax a bit. Because the more we make contact with outside people, the more we begin to crave it. And even though we were both self-conscious, so overwhelmed with the loud, Mr. Hall really perked up during the service. He became down right chatty afterwards. Cracking jokes and jibber jabbering. Then, THEN he filled out the "New Visitor" card, actually putting our real names on it. He chatted with people and lingered. He wants to go next week to the Church Picnic.

I'm still sort of shocked about it. But, the sermon was on my level. It was relate able and explained in English not latin. And I felt welcome there. And this is what I want the church to be. I want to go and learn and feel God's presence and maybe partake in the fellowship aka the picnic. I want Pancake and Mac to know about God, feel personally attached the bigger forces in the universe.

In the end, this is what all this church going is about. I want to know God. I want an active religious life. So, we're going to the church picnic next Sunday. Cause that's a start!

It has been and will continue to be a strange road my friends. Stayed tuned . . .

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Slyde said...

its great that you can fit that into your lifestyle.

I have tried the church thing at different points in my life, but its just not for me.

I'm a religious person, but not a church person.

Mrs. Hall said...


your son did WHAT last Saturday?


just sayin'-maybe you can keep your options open. Much like the pool you swim nekkid in :)

:) :) :)

Heff said...

I'm sorry, but I also believe in the "Separation of Church and Rock-N-Roll".

That's why I'm now a devout Snakehandler.

Mrs. Hall said...

\m/ \m/

RW said...

In Quaker meeting we go in at the appointed time on Sunday and sit quietly. Usually the kids go off to First Day school for the first forty five minutes and then they come in for the last fifteen. In the meantime "meeting for worship" is unprogrammed so, sorry, no rock bands. I mean if you wanted to start performing that would be okay but nothing is planned. Unprogrammed means we're there for an hour in perfect silence unless someone wants to stand up and say something.

We may be too liberal for you too but nothing would be crammed into you. We allow gays to be married in our meeting and women have been leaders among Quakers since the 17th century. So maybe not that so much for ya.

Anyway there is no Creed or even a clergy. The congregation runs the business of the meeting and we've been doing this since the early 1600's.

Oh and...? I've already said too much because we're not supposed to evangelize. Sorry. But if you're still looking, you might give some local Friends a shot. We have a wide range of beliefs. Even atheists come on Sunday. It's actually pretty cool.

This is us.

Mrs. Hall said...

Well Hello RW! Don't get.me wrong about liberal. It's the politics that bugs me. It felt angry underneath.

Thank you for sharing your beliefs! Will look at your site :) take care and don't be a stranger!

Mrs. Hall said...



I'm getting the shakes just thinking about that!!

Bruce said...

Every time I see the "Faith+1" album cover from South Park, I start to giggle. It sort of sums up orgainzed religion for me. I don't have a problem with the 'religion' part....but the 'organized' part disturbs me. Did Christ really mean for religion to have an infrastructure? Or was that just a loop-hole that Peter bought into?

Mrs. Hall said...

glad to give you a giggle.


bugger off with your anti-organized religion comments.

I heard you the first three times.

RW said...

Well yes that's what we do. It's called waiting worship. No "smells and bells," no icons, no priests or ministers or sermons. The basic idea is if we want to "hear God" (or whatever term you want to use) sometimes we have to shut the farco up.

btw- I don't follow & hate feeders, so put you on the blogroll.

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